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I can’t take this


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Me and my ex broke up about 1 week ago, and we were together for three years. It has actually been the easiest to just be home alone, so the “missing” and “wanting him back” part, really shows When I am working or I am outside. I work in a local shopping center right where he lives, so I always see his friends and his family there. I instantly miss him and want to text him When I see them, so you can just imagine how I will feel the minute I see him there while working.. I really don’t know What to do about this, I honestly just want to quit my job and never go back. But I really love my job, and I don’t want him to ruin that. Do you guys have any tips on What I can do to not feel this way? Because I can’t take this anymore..

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You only split up with him a week ago so things are very raw now so seeing anyone that reminds you of him will be really hard . You say you love your job so don't let him take that as well . Once you get over the first time seeing him it might become easier . I'm sure the fear and panic of seeing him may be actually worse than when it actually happens . Prepare for the situation if it does arise that you see him . Can you take a break from your work just to even go have a cry or breathe ? Will you have to talk to him or can you avoid that ? You seem to love your job so throw your focus into that and when things are less raw it may not be as difficult seeing him as you can imagine now only one week in

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Try not to let our livelihood be affected by your emotions. It will hurt more while coping with the pain and not have money to pay bills.


That being said, try to give yourself time to grieve. Of course it is normal for memories to kick in once you see familiar faces. When you have the urge, step out and cry. Then get yourself together then get back to work. All of us have baggages that we need to handle while at work. I had a relationship with a Boss that did not pan out, do you know how difficult that is? But each day it gets better. Before you know it, those familiar faces gets one of those that are just in the crowd.


If you think a little vacation week off will do the trick, then do it. Or if you need to talk about it more, post here as often as you want, or talk to your friends, before you know it, you got tired talking about it and have quietly moved on before you realize it.


Just do not quit your job.

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