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Riya Rawat

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Hi everyone! I am happy to find I place where I can actually get some help.

In my workplace there is a cute senior probably 10 years or more older than me. I got attracted to him on the day first because he looks like my boyfreind who died few years ago. I know romance in workplace is against the company rules so I tried to hide my feeling for two months.

But during the third months I statred staring him and he looked awkward. I could n't stop myself from staring. Than I did the worst said sorry for the unprofessional behaviour. After that he softy talked with me to ease thing and he told me -be comfortable there is nothing ro worried about. After a few days I told him about the boyfriend thing. Now he hates me so much that he ignored me and turned around whereever I go.

This situation at office is becoming paonful for me. Every single day is a struggle. I can't leave the job as I signed one year bond.

I really want to be friends with him again; but he dislikes me so much. What to do? I am so much depressed; can't breathe, can't think anything other than him. I want to be friends with him

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You need to get help with mourning your lost boyfriend. This is not about your co worker...this is you not being healed over your loss and projecting your feelings for you lost boyfriend onto a man who looks similar.

I can see why this co worker is angry, you are trying to use him to replace and you are being incredibly unprofessional.

I suggest you stay away from this man at work and only interact work wise and seek therapy to grieve your loss properly for the right man (the boyfriend who passed).

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