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Should I pursue him or move on? Mixed signals.


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So me and a guy met online, he asked me out that first day but I told him I need sometime, that it's too early. So a week later we finally went out. It was great, better than ever. Then we went back to texting and he said we can go out again sometime and I said I would, but we never did. That was 3 weeks ago. He never asked me about it again. So this is where I worry to what happened, if he lost interest or anything. And I don't wanna be pushy cause I don't know if he feels the same. I noticed lately that he replies hours late even tho he's online the whole time. But you know what's funny then? I sense that he's just not into me anymore so fu*k it right then I reply with "ok" or "nice" and then he asks me some other question to keep the convo going or we don't talk and I get a good morning text. Like, what??? He also apologises and gives me explanations to why it took him so long, but that never makes sense cause he's online all the time. Therefore, should I move on or what should my next move be? Cause I don't see any point in texting daily without hanging out.

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Men really aren't that complicated, if they are into you, you will know. They will be texting and asking for dates and you will be able to tell if they are interested.


If you're sitting on the side lines like this then he's stringing you along. He's keeping you as an option but is hoping for better.


Move on, you deserve someone to treat you better.

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