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Inapropriate flirting with sis in law? Reason to end it?


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My boyf of 8 months came back from a weekend away visiting his family. He casually mentionned that it ws fun and lots of friendly banter / jokes and said "oh like i put my arm around Anna and jokingly said ooooh...".. hard to explain but basically jokingly flirting. I thought how odd/cringe but ignored (as i wasnt there). But...


A few weeks later i went with him to visit and en route to see bro n sis in law with his mum his mum said in car whilst i was also in car so clearly id hear "please dont be silly with Anna, your brother really doesnt like it" .. my boyf said oh its just a joke etc. My q is would this massively make u cringe and be enough to think you dont want to be with a guy who has such a strange sense humour/ who behaves inappropriately like this??


Ps sis in law doesnt encourage etc so its not her starting it and also im not insecure or jealous and i do trust him .. hed never cheat etc.. its just that im not sure i want to be with someone who behaves inapropriately like this/disrespectful/odd sense humour!!


Would u end it??

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Sounds like his SIL should be telling him to back off.


His mother has already done that and instead of being sorry that he offended his brother, he made an excuse about it only being a joke.


I'd not leave him without talking to him about it and seeing if he was smart enough to cut out the ****. If he wasn't, then I'd be gone. It sounds like you've not been in a relationship that long... is that right?

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The fact that he made jokes like that about his sister-in-law would make me uncomfortable. Apparently it was enough to make his brother uncomfortable too.


My guess is that it was a little more than one arm-around-the-shoulders-"oooh!" joke. I don't mean that he did something extremely untoward, but it likely wasn't just one moment of banter either, given that Mom felt the need to warn him to cut it out.

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He just seems like he is acting goofy and just teasing....I wouldn't consider it flirting....It's different if he was complimenting how she looked etc...I know lots of people that make goofy comments like that with everyone and it doesn't mean anything....


Well, I did have one friend say to my gf "uuuu sexy bum!" and then he bought her a drink when I went away for a bit...I came back and just told him 'Oh nice you are buying everyone drinks, Chris. I'll have a beer. Thanks" ;D

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If its obvious enough that mom steps in -- it is a little weird. They are family and if they were familiar with his humor and it was funny, brother would not have told mom it wasn't cool.

I don't think its funny or jokey if the brother thinks he is going too far with his wife. I would have a talk with him about how it makes you feel for sure

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