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Yesterday I met my ex


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Thursday last week I got a message from my ex. He wanted to meet me because he was struggling with something and needed to talk with me. We broke up 9 months ago and we have had LC/NC. We have met a few times before, but only short meeting. We do have a great chemistry, we always had.


I do hope that we will get back together eventually, but I don’t know. I know we can, but only if both of us want it and it comes “naturally”.

Yesterday was the first day we met just to talk. It went good. We had a nice, cheerful tone. But he did not say what was wrong and I didn’t want to ask. I didn’t want to bring up any hard subjects, like our breakup or our possible future... but now I kind of regret it... even though it went well I feel like I atleast should have asked what was wrong. But I don’t know. It’s really difficult.

Today I’m sad.. I feel like I wasted a opportunity but I have read that it’s important to be happy and not bring up any difficult subjects. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but did not dear...


Sorry for the spelling errors.

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I don't think this is a bad thing. It's better to do this, than to say something you might regret and can't take back. So it's good, you controlled your emotions and didn't say too much. This way you can evaluate on what you wish you would have said and what you would have liked to ask and then make an informed decision about asking/saying those things later on.


It sounds as if he is open to communication so you can ask him what you want now, can't you? Either by text or call or next time you meet?

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