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Is This Normal?

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I've been divorced from my wife for almost two years. Toward the end of our marriage, I was miserable. I was drinking a lot and it seemed nothing I could do was good enough for her. I was constantly criticized for anything and everything. I initiated the divorce and was ecstatic when I moved out and started seeing other people. I've been dating someone now for four months and she is wonderful. She cares about me, values my opinion, and is very supportive. Lately, however, I have been missing my ex-wife. It seems that all the bad memories have been suppressed even though they outweigh anything good. Will this get better?



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This is the backlash of not having taken your time to process the ending of your marriage. It's always recommended to not rebound into another relationship for this very reason.


Will it get better? In time, but everyone's time table is different.


I feel for your new gf. I wouldn't want to be your lady if you were missing and grieving your ex wife and your marriage.

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Well, it sounds like your wife was a witch and she was trying to control you with her insults and arguments. You're not missing her, you're just forgetting about being beaten like a dog! Think about what you have! A girl who loves you! Go grab her and kiss her and count your blessings.

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