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Pieces of heart everywhere...


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Let me tell you a story...


So I dated this girl for about a month, and did all the things new couples do. Like: talking for hours, getting to know each other, dreaming about building something together, not all at once, but you know, slowly building a life for us, traveling and stuff … normal things, we clicked too good, thinking the same things, having the same opinions on stuff, good, shed said she really really liked me, and we should see more of each other (bad timings because of her work, more on that below) Until last night, oh man... last night.


The night started normally, picked her up went for some cocktail, we chatted, all good. Then she broke her shoe, went hope, changed, and we went to another place where I bought a coke (was driving) and she a beer, 2 cocktails, 1 or 2 shots, all fine and dandy … you can imagine by now she was a little tipsy. 3 something o'clock in the morning rolled around, and as I drove her back home, she said: “please leave me out front, then you go buy me some food the come back”. All said and done, drove to the other edge of the city (it's a small city) . When I arrived back at her place (she gave me a key couple weeks back ), she could barely keep her eyes open, couldn't even remember asking me to go buy her food(she says). She said the day before she would NOT want me to spend the night cause of her work (4pm-12pm, IT)and sometimes see must have her “time alone” . I guess … she works a lot abnormal hours and sometimes need, like everyone, some time to yourself. I can respect that. So I put her in bet, and kiss her goodnight, she said good night, and left. Only for her to call me as soon as I got to my car and say: “Oh .. you left, I heard the door”, so I replied, “You said you wanted to be alone tonight babe, so I left you alone, that's no problem”, her: “Oh, okay, I forgot, kisses, bye bye” and closed the call.


I got into my car and she calls again saying: “Why did u slam my door!I want you to come back and leave the keys to the apartment, I'm afraid you're gonna steal power when I'm not home”. I come back and try to talk to her about this, but she would not say a word, she stood in bed not saying a thing. HERE was my mistake (or not), which I did not realize fully at the time, me leaving the apartment, but I wanted to see if she would stop me, but of course, she didn't.


But I got into my car and waited for her to cool down for a few minutes, and HERE'S WHERE IT WENT BAD. Get out and walk over to her front door (she leaves on the bottom floor of her building, and you can walk right by her window), when I hear a man's voice in her apartment. IT WAS HER EX-BOYFRIEND! So I waited for about 2 minutes (which seemed like an eternity). What I head was (her to him): “I feel so good with you baby, you know I can't be bought (by me I guess ? ), kisses, kisses, now go make that special coffee for us”. So I decide to call her, see what's what. She answers, all sleepy voice like, “I want to sleep, can we talk tomorrow?” , me: “No, what!? NO. What are you doing, I barely left and you call your ex?, her: “No, he just came to bring me some cigarettes”. An the conversation went on like this, with her saying “can we talk tomorrow, I'm in bed, I need to sleep, bla bla”, whilst fondling around with her ex, CAUSE I COULD HEAR THEM!, At 1 point, after I explained to her she is making a big mistake, (her ex is the kind of lazy, going to work drunk and getting fired, not giving a about bills, get home sit on his ass kind of guy ). I don;t like cheating whatsoever and once it was did to me I can never forget, but I said to her: “This is the only time I can forgive you, please do the right choice, we started building something together and it was beautiful, why tear it down?”, just to see what would happen. She started yelling”?! YOU both get out of my life !!! (me and her ex) , I can find whenever I want in this city, you 2 are not the last 2 guys on Earth”and closed the call. And cursing still. As I was standing there, shocked that this was happening to me, she was just playing an act, the guy was right beside her, in bed, kissing and laughing... cause I could ing hear them. The kicked is, when we met for the first time, he was living with her, then she “kicked him out” I week later and we started dating. That should have been a sign.


So my question to you is, WAS I PLAYED FROM THE BEGINNING? OR NOT? 5 minutes after you “break up with me” your ex is at your house and getting cozy and kissing and laughing and ?!


What the f*** was he doing at 3 in the fu**ing morning ?! Waiting with the phone in hand for your fu**ing call ?!


Sorry for the long post... Just had to vent.

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Well, it would seem that you have dodged a bullet as she was obviously not the nicest of people after all.

If you go on a date and you are driving and she gets half wasted, RED FLAG.

If said half wasted person says, just drop me me and go bring me some food after onely a month... RED FLAG


And after 1 month, there is no building of anything, thre is only getting to know someone, and you got to know that she is not the person you want to be with. Better to know now than later.

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