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Confessing my feelings to a guy


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I like my brother's friend.He is 22 and I'm 21.I have feelings for him for 1 year but did not confess to him as I respect their friendship more.I did not tell anyone about this.Lets say his friend's name is B.once,my brother said he don't mind if i date his friends provided he is a good guy.He indirectly said i can date B as he is a nice guy.once,B came to my house and I tried to talk to him.i did not even flirt with him.But he was hesistating to talk me.Then i met him another day at a party.He was ignoring me which i don't know why.i was hurt.So i stayed away from him knowing he is ignoring me.I did not talk to him whenever i see him.After one month ,B stopped ignoring me and started to talk to me reasonly.I can't understand him.He ignored me and now he is talking to me.He is a very loyal friend.And definitely there is a rule not to date each other sisters between guys.But i really like him.I am expressive.I usually cannot hide my feelings.Now I don't want to hold back my feelings.I want to confess my feelings to him.If he say yes then I shall talk about this to my brother.if he say no then we don't even need to tell about this to my brother.I will respect his answer and will stay away from him.Is it wise to tell my brother or him first?Im scared my brother will be mad at me.Guys will always approach me.But I never approached anyone.This is the first time I want to confess my feelings to a guy.how will guys feel if a girl confess their feelings to them?In my case,I'm his friend's sister.How will he feel..opinions plz..I'm confused.

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Well, if your brother doesn't object, then go for it. As far as I know, the code only applies if you do it in secret. Just keep in mind that it might be weird seeing him after you guys break up, but it might turn into a long-term commitment, so you never know.


As for blurting out your feelings, don't do it. Do it the standard way. Ask him out on some dates. See what kind of guy he is. Let him fall for you. If you hit a guy with too much emotional all at once, it may push him away. Play it cool for a couple of dates and go from there.

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Based on his interactions with you, it's hard to tell if he'd consider dating you or not. He probably never thought about it, seeing as you are his best friend's sister. You should bring it up with him first, not your brother. See if he even is interested in you. If your brother is a good person, he will not deny two people their happiness just because he feels uncomfortable.


I married my brothers best friend. We knew each other for years, and never really thought twice about seeing each other. Then one night, at a bar, he tried to kiss me. Two years later, we were married! And it's AWESOME having a husband who is my brothers best friend and has been "part of the family" for years.


Everything is possible!

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