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I am new hear and wondered if anyone has any advice on a recent issue I am having.


whilst on Holiday I met a girl and we really hit it off and I have fallen for her pretty badly she continually says that the feeling I am having are reciprocated by her however we live around 3 hours apart so if it continued then it would mostly be long distance , the other major issue that I recently learnt was that she has a boyfriend which she says she loves. This confuses me as how can she love her bf yet still have feelings for me she has also said that if she wasn't with him then she would want something with me and has said that if they broke up she would want something between us. this seems a bit ty to me as I seem to be the side guy that she just used for a week whilst away from home . I feel my options are to either wait in the wings for something to change which it might never , try to forget about her and move on which will be extremely painful for me or try to keep a spark with her and go for other girls which would be pretty difficult , any other suggestions/advice would me appreciated thanx


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ok thanks , but do I just ignore her completely , talk to her less or have a break from anything till I feel Im over it and try to be Friends , I feel that there might still be something there if we stay close rn but I guess I could try idk , just for more of a background I have now found out that her bf is a boxer so yeah might have to keep it all very quiet if I wanna keep my head on my shoulders ...

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