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My Ex sent me a Threatening text out of the blue

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O.k. I'm gonna try too make this short... SO me and my ex had a very bad break up. It was very toxic and it resulted in me having a miscarriage. We broke up for about 3 months. After the 3 months i was willing too give it another go. I ended up finding out that he has a baby on the way and as a women i decided that it was best too move on. I told him over the phone that i would never want too put a women through what i went through when i was with him and that i wanted him too do right by the girl he got pregnant. He became irate and hung up. After the call i blocked his number and blocked him from all social media. He would occasionally call from other numbers or send me friend request from different Facebook pages. I would block those attempts as well and proceed too move on with my life. He sent my sister a message on FB asking for her too please have me call him. My sister also informed me that he seems in love with his new GF from the looks of the post on FB. So i told her to block him and i continued too move on with my life. Well 3 days ago i recieved a FB message from a guy on FB.. That read"I guarantee if I catch you out and about that's your ass flat the out" and Karma gonna suck so bad lmao glad it ended up like this. So i immediately asked "who is this"

because i wasn't familiar with the page. The guy responded by saying my ex was trying too get in touch with me. I then informed him that my ex was using his page too threaten me. The guy apologized too me and stated that he had no idea... Shortly after i received this message from the same page "Girl bye you got it coming lmao" and "You got some nerve I'm ed up cause you lied to me but Karma trust ttyl 😈.."(i have no idea what i lied about, i havent spoken too him in months.... )I was totally in shock. I blocked the page and i havent recieved anything since..... I wanna know if he appears to be so happy where is this coming from? Why is he so angry? Why just out of the blue like that? Should i get a restraining order? Or is this just him trying too get my attention.. Plz help

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The questions you ask are inconsequential... just keep blocking him and getting on with your life. You're doing the right thing there, for sure.

He is an irresponsible, unsafe sex practicer who appears to keep getting girls pregnant without the benefit of true commitment or actually knowing them for that matter. He's apparently quite abusive and to be clear of him altogether is the way to keep going.

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