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He broke up with me and said he's not ready but is alredy talking to other girls


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Hi to everyone reading this! Im getting over a break up as you can see. Ive meet this guy online last december and everything went fine. I find that we had alot of things in common and we were really comfortable with each other. Its my first real relationship. We became exclusive after a month which was January this year. At some point he even told me he loved me which i told him i feel the same way. All of a sudden last June second week everything changed! It was so sudden. He suddenly realized he's not ready. I told him i wanted to be with someone on the same page as me. Ive even told him that we need to go our separate ways. He cried and does not want to let go. He's still undecided but we continued to see each other for the past weeks and he even brought me to his parents house. To my surprise, yesterday after i came back from a trip, he told me over the phone he's not ready for a relationship and wanted to explore. He said he's alredy talking to other girls!! At that point, i finally told him i dont want to see him again. I told him its over and wish him a good life. After the call i deleted everything and even threw his stuffs that he gave me. Im just really trying to get the strength to move on. We were so compatible and i can really see myself to be with him in the future. I dont even know if i can meet someone special again Help! I want to move on!!

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Sorry you are going through this. Yes, you should definitely move on. I know it seems hopeless now, but there is definitely another special person out there for you! There are actually probably many good potential matches for you. Don't be afraid!

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There's a reason his interest level dropped, did you argue or have any disagreements? Know why so you can learn to not make the same mistake in future relationships.


My ex also went immediately back to dating after we ended. I didn't take it personally because to me it just showed how weak he was emotionally; he depended on female attention at all times to feel important. If I wasn't giving it to him, he'll need to seek it elsewhere even if those girls are nothing but temporary objects to fill his void. That's something he has to work on himself, to feel comfortable enough to be happy alone. Also, he needs to go out and date other women to discover on his own that you are the best.


In the meantime, it's normal to feel like there's no one better than him. It's your hormones playing mind tricks on you. Just relax, don't contact him ever again, and there's a good chance he'll reach out to you in the future if you two really had great chemistry like you said.


This thread may be interesting:


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OP, I know this hurts, but keep this in mind: if he's your first, you have nothing yet to compare him to. This all feels so intense because it's the first time you experienced a relationship and heartbreak.


However, I can tell you from experience that you will find love again. And you will keep your first love in the back of your mind as a special memory, but he won't be the best thing that's ever happened to you.


Because believe me, when you meet a guy who values you more and doesn't line up other girls to talk to before even breaking up with you, this ex will seem like a much-less amazing person.

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