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  1. wow that's great! I've come across this book about mark Manson. He was saying that we should turn our negative experience into something positive. basically, that's what we are doing. I highly recommend the book! I hope everyone can gain his insight.
  2. Hearing these feedbacks are awesome! I have learned not to be too hard on our self. I hope each heartbreak will serve as a reminder that each pain will only make you a better and wiser person. I have also remembered that the heartbreak i have experienced before has fueled my desire to travel. And at some point, I even owe it to my ex that I wouldnt be here abroad if he didnt broke up with me.
  3. Hey guys, I know that experiencing heartache is not easy. All of us go thru to it and i wanted to start a thread as to what would be the most positive thing you did to yourself to heal from a break up? Last time I got my heart broken, ive lost 20 lbs and started to feel confident about myself. Im going thru another heartbreak again and this time i wanted to focus on my school which i will be starting next week. I have been reading books again and the last one i read was the subtle art of not giving a . I will still continue to go to gym and improve my diet by limiting carbs and chips.
  4. Thank you for those who took the the time to respond. I just sent him a goodbye text and that will be my last. I wont contact him anymore. I had enough i think and i will just go on with my life one day at a time. This kind of pain is not something you would want to wish on anybody. Its a paralyzing pain and i feel sorry for all those people who went over a break up. Im trying to be positive as much as i can, however, i cant avoid all these emotions im feeling right now.
  5. A little bit of a background, i have posted in this site a year ago and I cant believe im going to post again. I just wanted to vent since im a bit upset about what he’s doing to me. To make my story short, weve been seeing each other for 1 1/2 years. A few months into the relationship, he told me that he was not sure. However, we still decided to pursue the relationship and everthing was great until recently. He told me again last month that he is not sure and so we had a break for about a week but still decided to continue the seeing each other. Currently, my relationship with him has
  6. I cant imagine ur pain! I have never been in a long term relationship before. It must be difficult. Just remember, be thankful u are alive and blessed. Love will come at the right time. Everyone of us cope differently, so do what is best for you. Be a good person and you'll receive more blessings in life!
  7. Hi Lonelyjedi, I hope ur feeling much better! Im a girl and basing from her actions, she's not that into you. If there's a guy a we really like, we always always respond no matter how busy we are. Anyway, just wanted to say that your thread is great. I still have to read everything from the beggining and i cant imagine the pain ur in. Im currently at day 1 of nc and hopefully it will get better each passing day.
  8. Hey guys, ive been posting some of my stories here for a while. Long story short, ive been seeing this mas for 7 mos. we had great chemistry and share the same values and interests. Couple of days ago, he told me hes not ready for a relationship. I went full NC, however, he texted me saying sorry and wanted to talk. We agreed to finally talk and meet in person the following day so that we can have closure. I told him there's no point of us seeing each other and we have to separate. He told me he still want to see me and does not want "us" to be over. At this point im really confused. I know im
  9. If u love her then fight for her. personally, i wanted a man that can just tell me straight up that he wants to be with me without all these games. If you're truly 100 percent that you want to be with her, tell her! Lifes too short. Make her know and maybe she's just waiting for you to make the first step since you broke up with her
  10. thank you! i've been trying to do things I didn't have the time before.
  11. i believe its couple of months before me. he texted me this morning saying sorry. i did not respond. i think im just done.
  12. Im very picky with guys. Ive had a few encounters with the opposite sex but none of them count as a relationship. I have met someone who I thought was perfect for me. He still is until today. Met him online last December, became exclusive and told me he loved me last June. We have a great chemistry and we just get along very well. We share similar hobbies and everytime we spend some time together, its always magical. Its like your in dreamland and don't want the day to end. We see each other 1-2 times during the weekdays and most times on the weekend. WE NEVER had a fight! I told my friends i
  13. Thank you so much guys for the response! It truly meant a lot! im giving myself a week to grieve over him. After that i need to move and continue living without him.
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