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My Girlfriend is constantly talking to this other guy.

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So we've been dating for a super long time now. We’re both 17 years old. We have an argument at least once a month but it usually gets resolved within a week.


Now: she doesn’t talk to him like 24/7 but she still does. Everytime I get the chance to glance at her conversation with him theyre both always laughing.


Iknow she asks him for a lot of advice and he gives it to her.


On top of this, I oftenly go to my girfriends house. Her parents are super cool and allow me to sleep over and everything great, however its not so much the same story with my house. Ive brought her over to mine a couple of times and my parents wernt too happy to be honest so ive not called her over again.


Now she gets sad quite often. She says I don’t really make her happy when shes sad and she goes the main reason is is that when she is sad, she wants to get out of her house and come to mine but my parents aren’t to keen on her. Shes told me that the other guy she speakes to says that she can come over to his and that just makes me feel super crappy. Ive done everything in my control to make her happy and the one thing that isn’t, is what gets her mad.


Now I know the guy she speaks to. She would never cheat on me with him. We all went to the same highschool.


What should I do I really don’t know anymore.

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