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Dangerous territory


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Hi guys, I've started jovially but I'm really struggling with this one. Months back now I got reacquainted with a girl I considered volatile, I know her better than I ever have over the past few days and her behaviour THEN was more understandable now due to deep deep issues and abuse. Things have changed massively since then. We went our separate ways, recently have been spending time together, lunch etc, but here's where I'm starting to struggle emotionally, we both have time off and decided to spend it together, as in almost all the time, we sleep in the same bed, yes way off the norm we even had sex a few days ago. She can't, if you can remember my last posts, enjoy an emotional nor physical relationship due to trauma and we both know this, yet the mutual self disclosure continues. I've taken a day away, were half way through our vacation with the huge possibility that we'll return to this situation again tomorrow but I'm involved here and she isn't, despite everything and its all out in the open, I know it seems obvious but I'm just lost here.





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You are living on hope things will change when deep down you know they will never change.


She is only capable of the most basic of connections and you want more than she could ever imagine giving.


You know you are setting yourself up for a big heartbreak once you get really attached and then have to break it off because nothing changed like you hoped and she is to cold and distant for your wants and needs.


She isn't the woman for you but you already knew that and yet here you are asking...


The smart move is to tell her the friendship or whatever it is isn't going to work for you long term so it is best to end it now before you catch feelings for her.




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