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I gave him everything,only for him to play me. But I want him back

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I was with this boy for close to 7 months (sad to say it was my longest relationship) I truly feel as though he is my first love. He is 24 now a senior in college that plays football. I'm 20 a sophomore in college. Our relationship was great the first couple of months we ended up staying I love you early on in the relationship like 2 months into it. But I did everything for him I gave him a watch for his birthday, I bought him a wallet when he told me he lost his. Since over the summer we were in a long distance relationship until school started I got us a hotel for 3 days. I drove 3 hours to see him he never came to see me always I to him. And I even helped him non stop with his work at times doing it for him. I fell so hard for him. But I broke up with him Friday because he would stop posting status like "I'm single focusing on me" or "my next lady gon be lucky cuz imma secure the bag." WHILE I was his girlfriend (yes it was very clear to both of us that we are in a relationship) when I would confront him about the status he at first would say sorry or say his "cousin" wrote them and deleted them. He never added me on Facebook because he said it ruins all his relationship (only for it once more to do it again). Toward the end he would often get mad at me for looking at his Facebook. And communication started to fail he always claimed he was busy but he wasn't I would often beg him to call me or just saw me some attention but he was too "busy" only to see him post photos of him smoking with his cousin. But anyway when I saw the 4th status I ended things the way I ended it I lost control I sent him screenshots of his message told him I pray for revenge I did all this over text cause he kept declining my calls, after all that I immediately blocked him. I cried like a dog. When I tell you I was heartbroken I was(still am) it was to the point of screaming. I begged him to take me back but the thing is when I broke up with him I blocked him and deleted his number so I had to go through his email and Facebook messager only for him not to respond then I messaged him on Snapchat saying how sorry I was for flipping out on him and if we could get back together. He said no. I begged him I begged and begged. I even brought up all the times I was there for him. And I really felt like I needed his support because I have a cervix cancer scare going on. I told him about and he just told me to pray and to leave him alone. But I couldn't I constantly texted him until Tuesday when I finally deleted his number for good. I gave my life to this boy. Only in the short period of time he made a huge impact on me. Not only does this break up hurt but the fact he wasn't there's for me in my darkest moments a cancer scare is no joke. I was ALWAYS THERE FOR HIM. When he needed me I was there. I gave him everything he needed. I feel played, hurt, overall every horrible emotion. I just don't know what to do. I'm lost. I still want him back. I just want him to come around. But I feel he won't.

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sorry to hear this tale. but i wont be the last one to say this - you dodged a bullet.

i think you are upset at the thought of losing the man you thought he was. sorry, but he wasnt that man, he was someone else. and you are well rid of that person.

concentrate on yourself, set yourself goals. try to think of what you think you've lost, but think what you have gained - another chance at happiness as you would have never found happiness with this man.

good luck and i sincerely wish you all the best.

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