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  1. Hi. Met a girl off a dating app....I was quite keen from the start. Had a few dates over about 4 weeks. She told me she was falling in love with me and I really felt the same....been on loads of dates, some lasting a couple of months but I genuinely thought this was it. Then...about a week after she told me she was falling in love with me she said she was finding things difficult with "us"...her father has alzheimers and her sister is suffering from really bad depression (they only have each other) So now she says she wants to be friends, which is her prerogative. So my problem I would like some help with is...if shes my friend now what do I do? I fancy her like mad. Do I message her? Phone her? Ask her to meet for coffee? I've not had many female friends.
  2. Hi. My daughter is 21. Just finished uni with a good degree. Shes seeing this lad who is 26 and a complete waste of space. Works very little is absolutely bone idle. He was learning to drive. Why cant I even put up with him? I cant stand him.
  3. I agree with what you say goddess. Its baby steps. Some days I'm fine other days horrific. I'm no spring chicken either. If this takes 4 years to get over properly that will put me mid fifties. I dont think I would let anyone in again either. I knw I shouldn't but I feel like I've thrown away 12 years or at least 6/7 from when it turned bad. Thanks for all your comments guys.
  4. Hi. I was in a quite bad relationship for 12 years. We broke up 9 months ago. I still dream about her now, quite regularly. How long does it take to heal and is there any way I can speed up the process? Thanks.
  5. Yes I think you're right I probably do need counselling to figure out why I feel the way I do. Thank you all for your comments.
  6. I thought about a dating site but I work away from home. People just assume I'm living a double life. My hobbies are...gym, cycling and dog walking. I always have plenty to do to keep me busy.
  7. No. I only have a night out every other month. I'm still going to the gym etc. I also enjoy taking my daughters dogs out.
  8. I dunno if I feel guilty. It's right what you say about me looking back. As katrina1980 said some days are good and some days are bad. The problem I have is I'm thinking about the good times. As rossemosse says I should keep looking forward. Thank you.
  9. Thanks for your words. 12 years we were together for and we knew each other for about 8 years before that.
  10. Sorry I don't really have a question. I was just after assurances that things would get better. That I would stop dreaming about her and things like that. Yes she wasnt very nice to me but I am still hurting.
  11. I've posted on here before about the same relationship. We were going round in circles for years. She wouldn't get divorced, jealous of my kids, family and friends. The final straw was not going to my mothers funeral-that come about because she trounced off because my son in law was at my house when she arrived. I know I wasnt perfect and I'm not blaming her entirely. But I've had enough called it a day 6 months ago but I'm struggling a bit. Thanks.
  12. so he's not ready for a relationship? great, ask him to come back when he is and if you're available great, if not he's missed the boat - don't go along with him calling all the shots. I know this is about me but im not ready for a relationship so im staying clear of women in general. why doesn't he do the same? good luck.
  13. in many respects dogs are much better than people. first and foremost they wont break your heart. what's happening with your dog? are you getting it back? anyways, back to your ex.....ok she accepts no responsibility and wont apologise. I know someone exactly like that. good riddance to her man. make sure you get your dog back though. I would hunt anyone down who took a dog of mine. good luck.
  14. hi, what a great guy you've bagged this time. he's not only cheating on his wife but he's fooled you into thinking he's just staying for the child. he's staying because he wants to. the only way he'll leave her is if she finds out about his affair and boots him through that door. take a good look in the mirror, don't lower yourself to this. stop this affair now. you will never be able to find happiness while in this "relationship". get rid of him and spend some time on your own. good luck.
  15. I agree with Annia. you want different things. you want a serious relationship. it seems like he doesn't. delete, block and move on. you will find happiness elsewhere.
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