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Can't believe I got stood up like this!!


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So 4th of July I was at a beach party and met a random guy who was visiting here for the summer from the UK (his family lives here in NYC). He spent the whole evening there with me, we exchanged numbers and had tentative plans to meet up Thursday. When he followed up about those plans through text, I told him I couldn't make it as I was told Wednesday that I would have to work late Thursday, he said no problem and asked if we could reschedule. I told him Saturday would work for me and he that would work for him as well, since he's on holiday and pretty much free.


He's about a 2 hour subway ride from me, so I can totally understand not coming to my part of the city but he seemed to not mind, since that is where we met. Friday evening he texted me asking what I was up to and he told me that he had just found out that there are fireworks every Friday in the summer at the beach we met at. I told him I had plans to meet up with a couple of girlfriends that night, to which he replied saying have fun and that he was looking forward to seeing me the next day.


Saturday we made the plan to meet up at 9pm, he would come to my part of the city. He told me he was at a bbq but he was going to leave soon. About half hour after we made the plan he asked if we can do 9:30pm, to which I said sure. At about 9:35pm, when I was parked at the place we were supposed to meet, he texted saying he was running a little behind, which I thought meant he was maybe 15-20 minutes away. I said ok, and to let me know when he was close (since I was waiting in my car and felt funny sitting at the bar alone). Before I new it, it was 10:15 and I still hadn't heard from him, I texted him asking how far he was because at that point I was ready to leave and the only thing stopping me was that he was taking a 2 hour train ride, and I would've felt to guilty leaving. Never in a million years did I think he just wouldn't show up! Well guess what he never responded so I left and he never texted me! I honestly can't just imagine why someone wouldn't just text and say, sorry can't make it. He was the one blowing up my phone, acting so keen on seeing me again, and then he goes and just legit stands me up! It's one thing when you make tentative plans with someone and then just never hear from them, but its a whole other thing to make definite plans, have a person go meet you somewhere and then just never show up!


Sorry this was more of a vent than anything else, but honestly I hope there's not very few people out there who pull stunts like this...not cool! Plus he totally ruined my Saturday night since I could've made other plans.

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I would assume something may have happened to him since he was in touch with you that he was just running late. He was visiting from another country and it can be hard to time things/follow directions, etc.


I should clarify...he's from NYC and has been living in the U.K. for the past year for work, so he knows his way around the city.

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