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I'm dying inside


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Going through a divorce. Been stressful very stressful. My soon to be ex was advised that I was having an affair. No I never did. The person that told my ex this.was her mom. See her mom had an affair and moved away for 20+ years but a few years ago my ex's mom moved back and I think tried to relive her marriage through us (ex and i). My wife.then changed. At one time she was so into us, but I started seeing her conforming to her mom. Like she put her mom over us. My son was do I g the same. It was manipulation. I know. I tried so hard to fix it, but at the same time my dad passed away and was trying to do it all. Take care of my family, house, work, school full-time, mourning. I felt like I was right g an uphill battle. Yes, I confided in a female friend. She recently lost her 17 y/o son, but she was so positive and a good listener. She had very positive outlook on life, but no affair occurred. My wife believed.hed mom over me and my son followed suit. I feel like I was exiled for doing nothing work g. Yes, I confided in my soon to be ex, but it's like she didn't know how to help me. I never thought of leaving her, because her and my son were my everything. I'm lost know. Used to be so into my life (family), now it's upside down. So stressed and I feel like everythi g is my fault. I began to hang out with a female friend. She's great, the same one I used to use when coping with that I confided in my dad's death. She wants more and I want to give her more later, but I'm confused because I would take my family back in a heart beat. Am I trying to hold onto something i should be moving on from and slowly move forward with the female friend.

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"She's great, the same one I used to use when coping with that I confided in my dad's death. "


I sure hope this was just a poor choice of words.


Yeah, you had an emotional affair with this woman who you saw as more understanding than your wife. You didn't have a male buddy or a brother or cousin or uncle you could confide in?

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Honestly, it sounds like at the least you were having an emotional affair with this work colleague - and she has probably not seen you as just a friend at all. You need to step back and look at that situation more soberly. The fact that you're getting ready to move forward with her is going to just confirm all your exes suspicions about it.

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Yes. Poor choice of words. I'm not the best in explaining myself. I reread my text and it does sound bad. Not tryiing to manipulate anybody. I'd do anything to get my family back.


You're going to have a real tough time convincing your wife to come back when you have a girlfriend. The same woman who, incidentally, you were having the emotional affair with.

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