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Advice on trip without boyfriend

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I need to see my parents in Italy since i have not seen them in 3 years almost...i live currently in Canada with my boyfriend.He is still under probation on the dui for another year...my parents are not sick but you just never know abouttheir health...i want to go for 2 weeks...should i wait on him to be able to travel or just go without him ? I kind of miss them...advice please.

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Of course you should travel to see your parents, Chica. They won't be around forever. You don't need your BF along. You are a free woman and it's a free country.


Living abroad, and not just in my single days but also married, I travelled frequently to see my parents (now deceased). And often more than once a year too.


What is behind your question, OP?

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Does him getting "lonely" mean he might cheat on you, or go out drinking/driving etc.? Does it mean he's simply sad? You could help the loneliness by staying in touch via phone and Skype. Are you worried that YOU might actually like going without him? Lot's of questions ... maybe they can be a bit of a guide to you both.

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It is absolutely natural to miss someone while he or she is away. Lonely?


I take it Chica's BF has friends, a workplace, activities, enough to keep him occupied for two weeks. Truth to tell Chica, and seeing as you are travelling such a distance and you haven't seen them in three years I would got for four weeks.

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