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What should I do ? Social media is my enemy


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So me and my boyfriend has been together for 6 months. I love him and he told me he loved me( he actually said it first). The problem is I love him more than he loves me. I do everything for him I gave him a watch for his birthday, I bought him a wallet after he lost his, I take him out to eat, I bought us both a hotel for 2 days, I visit him and he lives 3 hours away,I give him gas money. I try my hardest to make him happy. He is a good guy he takes me out and put gas in my car sometimes. But the only problem I have with him is trust. He won't add me on Facebook, I ask and ask but he just says social media ruins his relationships, but adds other people. I look at his page a lot, which he knows about. One day I was look at his page and I saw a status that was like " my next lady will have it good..." or something of that nature ad though he is single. I confronted him about he said he was sorry and deleted and told me how he was going to block me(which he didn't). This isn't the first time he posted a status like this. Today I saw a photo he posted of him and his best friend which is a girl. So I asked him why he never posted photo of us he said because he doesn't want people in his business. Everything is bothering me I can't eat or sleep. I can't bring myself to end thing cause my feeling for him is too strong I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose him. ( I'm 20 he is 24. We are both college students he is a senior while I'm a sophomore)

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Has he really agreed to be your boyfriend? It sounds like he is taking you for a ride while he keeps his options open. He is not geographically convenient and will not publicly post anything about the two of you.


Stop buying him stuff and paying for the weekend getaways. Find someone more local who is head over heels about you. Why are you settling for such a lukewarm arrangement?

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Sounds like you are desperately trying to BUY his love and he's going to take every single thing you give. You are being used but that seems to be your choice. Are you really that desperate for a man? You're being a doormat. Dump him already and move on to better things. Maybe also think about therapy to help you sort out your very low self esteem.

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Of course it's "painful"!


Anything worth doing requires effort. Training for a marathon? Giving birth? All difficult and painful but the rewards are well worth the pain.


Sure, he'll keep accepting the money and (I presume) the sex. But does he treat you like a man in love treats a woman? Is he everything you dreamed a love relationship would be?


Another question...have you met any of his family or friends or coworkers?

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