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GF never says "I love you" 1st


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Been with my current gf 6 months, she's a great girl, as perfect as perfect can get, no drama, says how it is, dependable, trustworthy, loveable, basically just everything you want in a girlfriend and more.


I have noticed however last few weeks she never says I love you 1st, in the past she has, like dropped a little text here or there or said it random times, now nothing.


Not sure if it's anything to be concerned about, she is still very loveable, holds hands, cuddles, kissing and we have a very healthy sex life, when I tell her I love her she always returns it and smiles or gives a nice kiss.


Probably that nasty little anxiety head appearing on my part again?

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Don't sweat it. You know everything you need to know; it might be a cause for concern if she DIDN'T return it when you tell her you love her, but that's clearly not the case.


Don't give it a second thought. Actions speak much louder than words, and the relationships I've had where the guy would really go overboard in telling me how much he loved me were, without exception, abusive ones.

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What makes you say that?


The way you describe her actions in your other posts. I mean how can I describe it other than to say this is what her actions tell me? She would act differently if she were really into you. Discussing it further is just stoking your anxiety.


The more important thing to discuss is why. I can most certainly tell you it's related to your neediness. This pushes girls away.

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