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Not sure what we are and what he thinks?


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Kind of have this thing with this guy, am not sure what to think or if I like him or? We have both just got out of lengthy relationships which ended on our terms so don't think we want a relationship but apparently he'd said for a while he thinks I'm cute and stuff. We met about a month ago when we were out with friends and went back to our mates house and were there until early in the morning. I then saw him at his work and was speaking to him a bit and we spoke on social media for a day or 2. I saw him again that weekend and we ended up staying up all night just us 2 until 6 in the morning. He then snapchatted me the next day and we talked for a day then he said he'd speak soon but didn't. That weekend I went clubbing and we ended up spending the night together and made out a lot. He messaged me drunk saying he's going away but wants to meet when he's back. We were messaging for a few days aswell and then just stopped. I ended up seeing him AGAIN that weekend when we were out and I had nowhere to sleep so went back to his and he gave me his t shirt to wear but all we did was cuddle. He said something weird though- he said "do you find it awkward after last week?"(referring to us making out) and i said no because I didn't think it was and asked if he did and he hesitated but said no. I was quite drunk though and really tired so just fell asleep. It wasn't awkward at all in the morning and as I said all we did was cuddle not even kiss and he didn't even try to do anything at all. Haven't heard from him since and honestly don't really know what to make of it all, I'm not going to see him for a while as I'm not going out for a month. The weird thing is he has this reputation of being like a "f**kboy", whenever I mention him to someone they're always like oo be careful he treats girls awful etc but he really hasn't been like that at all so it's really confusing to me 馃槀 I think it's only because he wasn't very good to his last girlfriend like he'd talk to other girls etc and think he was over her a long time ago it just took him a while to actually end it. When I told my friends I stayed at his and stuff they wouldn't believe me to start with when I said we didn't do anything and he didn't even try to, so it makes me think maybe he just doesn't like me but whenever I'm out he always comes and speaks to me me, gives me his jacket etc and ends up us two going back together and just talking for ages. Can someone please try help me understand?

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One may not feel like having sex one night.

Don't think "you are special he will be different with you". You ARE, but it's not about you. He is not trustworthy. And unless you are looking for a f**k buddy, don't invest your cards on him.

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This kid reminds me of my first boyfriend, I heard his ex-girlfriend mention something similar about him only wanting a f- buddy. She was right, he just wanted to get laid, could care less about having a serious relationship. You should be careful, you're walking into a ticking time bomb with this kid. He has no intentions of having a serious relationship with you.

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I don't want like a serious relationship because I'd just gotten out of one but I think if I ended up sleeping with him etc then I'd catch feelings and want to. Like I do miss just having the company and I don't even think I like him that much it's just really confusing to me like I can't stop thinking about him but I think maybe it's because he's being so confusing? I don't know how to go about this situation because I do want to have sex with him but I'm just scared I'll get really hurt

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