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Ex girlfriend hot and cold (gone completeky unresponsive)

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Hey guys and girls. Basically me and my ex have been on and off chatting forca few months. I am completey mad about her and i think she feels the same way but is afraid. Recently upto maybe the last 3 r 4 days we were chatting and i was helping her with her work... shes practicing to be a teacher for a few weeks and its quiet a stressful few weeks for her.. long story short she has stopped contacting me /snapchatting me completeky after i helped her.. im afraid to rext her and tell her how i feel for fear of rejection... you must understand i also think shes on her period and is definitely under a lot of stress which could b impacting her feelings for me... i really feel like texting her but i feel id b over pursuing.. i feel like she might have been on a date saturday and hence why shes gone cold on me... please please please help me.. she always came back to me peeviously but i feel she indifferent atm and its devastating after i helped her so much

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Sorry to hear this. Why did you break up? Have you resolved that issue, it seems very on/off? It sounds like being in the friendzone post-breakup is taking it's toll on you.


Especially since you know you are broken up and she's dating. Her time of the month is not an explanation for friendzoning you and being hot/cold. Pull way back from this before you get hurt. Start talking to other girls.

.. i feel like she might have been on a date saturday and hence why shes gone cold on me.
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I didn't stop reading, but I agree with jennylove. Her being on her period isn't going to magically make her stop texting you.


You said that she was super busy right now with school, so guess what? Maybe she's super busy with school and therefore doesn't have the time to call you. Before we dated, my now-ex was in school to be a teacher, and one time me and the rest of our friends went a full three and a half months with absolutely zero contact because he barely had time to sleep or eat with that quarter's schedule, let alone talk to us. She should be having exams soon if she hasn't already, so just chill out for a bit at the very least.


Frankly, the absolute worst thing you can do is text her with a full confession of your feelings for her. That's going to overwhelm her and freak her out entirely. Wait a while longer (a week or two), see if she contacts you, and if she doesn't then you can reach out with some friendly (emphasis on friend) contact. Don't just start waxing poetic about how ardently you admire and love her (unless she's a Jane Austen fan who's in love with Darcy, but that's beside the point).

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