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I just want to be completely done with it...

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Ok, to make a long story short, I was in this relationship for about 2 months more or less with this girl [22] (it was long distance but I did meet her in person once before about a year before we actually started dating and we did have small little conversations prior to that) but within that time, she cheated on me and basically treated me like crap and by "crap" I mean she went from basically seeing me as the greatest guy ever, (Her own words plus basically outright proposed to me while we were still friends the few months prior to being in an actual relationship), to becoming very distant, argumentative and manipulative with me.


They was even one time after she broke up with me (and I stupidly agreed to be "friends" immediately after) where I asked her if I could vent to her because I was just going thru so much emotionally one day and she said tore me down right after saying "you need to get a gameplan together and work on your low self esteem", even though she agreed to listen to me. But anyway, I found out she ran off with another guy and he broke her heart, (I know because she didn't unfriend from Facebook (strangely enough) until we got into a big argument about my suspicions that she was seeing someone else.


She naturally denied it and started blaming me for everything. But she came running back after about a month asking to be "just friends" (after the guy broke up with her of course), I stupidly accepted her offer for "friendship" again. Plusshe told me about it and how it didn't work because the guy pressured her to have sex and was thuggish and just a whole lot of other negative things).


The "friendship" went good for a couple of weeks but it started going sour again especially when we had the chance to meet up in person again but she decided to stand me up go to see a friend that she said she hadn't even seen in years even though we made plans at least 2 weeks prior (and apparently there was another time we could've met too but she blamed that on me saying that she thought that I was mad at her so she didn't let me know).


We argued about it, I told her how disrespectful that was, she apologized profusely but as even then, as tge days went by, she started getting distant, manipulative and argumentative again which caused another argument. It got to a point in the argument where I started crying because of something she said and I couldn't hold them back.


She must of heard me through the phone and felt bad because she reluctantly told me that she was seeing the same guy again and that it was for a couple of weeks now. The phone just got silent. I don't know if she hung up or what but I was just so extremely, hurt all around that I just texted her to lose my number and everything associated with me and then she sent me a text apologizing and saying how good I was and blah, blah, blah. I didn't respond. It took me a while after that to stop spying on her page and to build myself back up emotionally...


About a year later, she sends me text with just my name. I didn't respond. About a month after that, she unblocks (because she blocked me after our first little argument) from Facebook to send me an apology about she was sorry for everything and that's she's sorry for causing me any unnecessary pain b and hopes that I'm doing good and all that. It sounded sincere so I thanked her and told her I appreciate it.


She then proceeds to try to ask how I'm doing and to have a conversation with me, but I just responded with "I'm good" and she got the hint because she said that "lol sorry, I see you don't want to converse". I responded that I was busy and she said she understood and blocked me again about 3 days later. I also found out she married the dude she cheated on me with when she texted me too.... I haven't talked to her since and don't plan to, was that even a legitimate apology or was should I even have responded to that because when she tried to start to have a conversation with me is when I started having a suspicion that she was just trying to get me back as a fallback....


But my question with all of this is, even though I'm much better than I was even a few months ago, when she texted me again this last time, it just brought so many old wounds. Lots of anger, sadness, betrayal, regret, etc. It reminded me of how weak I was. It's just hard sometimes. I've haven't put my life on hold because of this, in fact I just went on a date, but it has deeply affected me emotionally and I'd be lying if I say that I haven't been struggling with depression a little since all of this has happened. I don't know...

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Wow how much of your story mirrors mine.


I know you hear this a lot but I defo been there very recently and bought the t-shirt.


I felt just like you and couldn't understand what was going on and posted on here and was advised to read up on histrionic personality disorder and low and behold my ex's behaviour became clear. Look up the signs and symptoms of it.


I got over it as we had been very very close for 12 months. And I was surprised how quick I got over it as I think I realised what an abusive relationship I was in and should have gotten out ages ago. But stupidly thought I could 'fix her', I've learnt that you can't.


Last week after a month of no contact as she had requested and I'd moved on. She contacted me to meet up. I must have been crazy, and went round and very soon she turned on me and used me like the emotional punchbag she always did.


And that set me back a few weeks and I feel crappy at present, but I'll get over it soon I'm sure.


My ex will never change and can't bear to think that I've moved on so fast.


Try to ignore her or she will continue to affect your moods and your life and you don't deserve it.

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When is the last time you saw her in person? She doesn't sound worthy of your time if she's playing all these games, right?.


Just tell her you need to go no contact and block and delete her.

I was in this relationship for about 2 months. it was long distance but I did meet her in person once before about a year before we actually started dating
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