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Am i pregnant?


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We are neither pregnancy tests nor doctors (well, at least most of us aren't doctors). Menstrual cycles can do all sorts of funky things for all sorts of reasons, or even for no reason at all, so take that into consideration. I once went two months with no period and then my next one lasted a solid four weeks at full blast. That was the opposite of fun.


If you haven't had intercourse, particularly unprotected intercourse, in the past month or three then I doubt you have anything to worry about. If you have had unprotected sex or fear your protection may have failed, get ye to thy nearest store and buy a test. You can get them from the Dollar Tree in the US for $1, and certainly less than $10 elsewhere. If you're still not sure or you don't trust the tests, visit your doctor. If your menstrual cycle continues to be weird, visit your doctor. And if your test comes out with a big fat +, visit your doctor.

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Yes i do all the time


Okay, are you trying to become pregnant or is it just more fun like this? Birth control is super accessible these days (assuming you're in the US):

*hormonal birth control (the pill, implant, patch, ring) is one of the safest methods, but can have undesirable side effects

*condoms are relatively cheap and easy to use, and you can combine them with additional methods

*IUDs can also have side effects, but are the most effective form of birth control aside from abstinence

*other methods include contraceptive foam, contraceptive film, diaphragms, female condoms, the rhythm method, and contraceptive sponges


You need to talk to a doctor about what's going on with your period if you're not pregnant, and if you want to get an IUD or start a hormonal birth control you will need to talk to him/her regardless.


Now, I notice you had a similar question last year. If you're actively trying to get pregnant and have been unsuccessful for an extended period of time, you and your partner may want to talk to your doctor about your options. The fact that your cycle is weird and skips around a lot could be affecting your fertility.


Again, I'm not a doctor, but I know just enough to know that you probably want to see one about your problems here

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