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Ex acted like we were close then ignored me


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3 months ago, my ex wanted a break because he felt like his feelings were one-sided, and I didn’t like him as much as he liked me. And some time apart would allow us to sort out our feelings. I agreed but later decided that I felt stuck & could neither move on nor wait for him. After 1 week we met up for lunch. He still called me by my nicknames & tickled me. After lunch, I told him I need to know how long the break would be, or we either break up or get back together then. He said that since I felt that way & he didn’t know how much time he needed, we should just break up. He insisted on remaining friends because he enjoyed my company & wanted to hang out & come over to my place to watch TV. But a couple days later he said we needed to stop talking and not remain in contact.


1 month later, we saw each other again at a mutual friend’s party. I ignored him even when I saw him watching me or trying to make eye contact because I wasn’t ready to face him. But at the end, he still made sure that I was safe & had a ride home.


2 more months passed & now we see each other every week cause of work. 3 weeks ago I asked him for a ride after a meeting cause my car broke down. We caught up, joked around. I told him I’m planning a trip to Asia & he said to ask him if I had questions cause he did it before. Then he told me about problems w/ his coworkers, how he was lonely over the holidays cause he spent it alone. As he was about to drop me off, my coworker/neighbor called & asked for a ride. My ex agreed to get her. We all went to dinner & I paid for him as a thank you. He even took a video snapchat of us. I deleted him on snapchat & only found out later when mutual friends asked me about it. Anyway the whole time, my ex would refer to our inside jokes or tell my friend my traveling stories although he wasn’t on the trip w/ me and just made it obvious that we had a history together. When we were alone again, he told me that it was nice to talk to me again. Then asked if I were doing ok, I told him yes. And he said that we should catch up sometime, but I just awkwardly said “uh…” so he said quickly “oh maybe not”. Then I said bye and booked it out of the car. We didn’t talk after, then 1 week ago, I texted him to meet up using the Asia trip as an excuse but he hasn’t responded. Did my reaction at the end have to do with it? Or was he just being polite & doesn’t want anything to do with me? What should I do now? I think we can work things out & try the relationship again or at least be friends

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