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1st guy I really like after my last relationship ended


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I have been on 5 dates over a month period with a man I was set up with. He lives 2 hours away, and we both have full time jobs.


On our 5th date, he brought me a bouquet of beautiful flowers with a sweet card and and a cute t-shirt that I saw and mentioned I love. He has paid for all our dates and is just seems like a real sweetheart.


He has never made any "moves" on me physically nor verbally (i.e sexual innuendos) but returns my affection whenever I initiate. Though, he has gone to hold my hand when we are walking/crossing the street, on our 4th date he greeted me with a deep hug and picked me up in a romantic manner.


He calls and texts every day, sometimes several times a day and he always replies promptly.


On the 5th date, we were intimate. He held me afterwards and the next morning I was awoken by sweet kisses and deep hugs. After he left he called me as soon as he got home, and a few times throughout the day.


Sadly thereafter, I received some unfortunate news - I was called on work assignment that would have me out of the country for a couple of weeks during of which I would not see him.


We still spoke every day. He mentioned date plans in the future after I return, which involved something I liked as a hobby.


My question is - does this sound like he truly likes me?

And, is there anything I should be doing/not doing to keep his interest?


I'm just a wee bit nervous is all, he is the first guy I have really liked after my last relationship ended awhile ago. Thanks!

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Why are you feeling this concerned?


I suppose maybe yes, it was too soon and guys sometimes lose interest after taking the step - though that never happen to me in the past.


A bit unusual to go from no real intimacy to sex bit sounds like he is in contact with you and would see you sooner if you were in town.


I am not sure what you mean - do you think we slept together to soon? I somewhat agree, and would have chosen to wait a bit longer if I could, but what can I say, I was very attracted to him and couldn't hold back.


Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to respond!

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I don't understand? What part of it seems like he may not be interested?


I really cannot think of anything overly off-putting that he has done/or not done, that indicates anything negative.


So why am I wondering - alas, I don’t know! lol


Truth be told, I do not have a lot of dating experience. Relationship experience, yes - but not “dating”. Not that I haven’t been on dates, I have, usually only 1st dates because no one has kept my interest beyond that so I usually end it after 1 date.


I tend to get a lot of interest from men, if you know what I mean - typically they like the way I look and are sexually attracted to me, so I have had to do a lot of “weeding out” the good ones from the bad ones.


Maybe that is what I like about the man I am currently dating, he is a gentleman, very polite, which I love. He hasn’t been all over me physically/verbally which is a breath of fresh air. I’ve always been indecipherable as a result, which doesn’t help.



I guess if I had to pick out one thing about him that causes a question mark in my mind - he doesn’t seem to ask a lot of questions about me, not that he hasn’t, nor has he shared anything of concrete value about his past. Though maybe this is just my way of conjuring up something negative, who knows.

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