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Hyperpigmentation, please help!!


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Im 16 and for about 4 years Ive been suffering with hyper pigmentation or dark facial scars left after popping spots. I dont usually break out much now but when i was around 13 I had a serious break out of white heads and I popped them so much that they turned into cuts then scars...


Its so embarassing for me as i feel like i cant go out without makeup and its really ruined my self esteem


I have never taken my makeup off in front of any of my past boyfriends..


I dont go to sleepovers cause im too embarassed


I just wanna be like all my friends


I found that a baking soda mask faded my scars a bit but Ive literally tried everything from blemish creams, to skin lightening creams, honey even salacylic acid..


Please help me someone..

How do I fade my scars fast?!!!!!

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I feel you - I got chicken pox really bad when I was 16 and the pox on my forehead left behind scars. I hated it so much I got bangs (which looked weird on me lol) and I was worried that I would always have to hide my forehead. But now, years later, you can barely even see them. Scars left by pimples do heal, they just take a long while to do so, so don't worry they WILL fade with time. I get hyperpigmentation problems with acne on my chin, and I've found that creams or cleansers with glycolic acid help a lot (but make sure not to overdo glycolic acid because it can irritate skin if you use it too much). Vitamin E can help with scars, as the previous poster said.


See a dermatologist, since there are quite a lot of skin treatments that can really help the healing along (like a gylcolic acid peel - which should ONLY be done by a dermatologist). In the meantime, the best thing I've found to do is to prevent scars from forming by keeping your hands AWAY from the face, and the minute you start breaking out make sure you are on top of treating it RIGHT AWAY. What I do is the second I break out I start treating it by putting mud mask on the pimples twice a day. I like rhassoul mud for me, but there are lots of muds out there you can try to see which one works for you. And then I make sure to cleanse with glycolic cleanser once a day on the problem area to help the pigmentation fade faster. Also, if you get a new scar make sure to treat it ASAP with scar fading creams because the sooner you treat it the faster it heals/easier it is to heal.


It's frustrating, but there are solutions. It just takes some extra time/effort. Remember - you are not the only one with acne or with acne scars, and everyone has something they dislike about their body. Just because you have scars doesn't mean you are ugly. As for boyfriends - any guy who thinks less of you once you take your makeup off just because of acne scars is an ass, and isn't worth your time. A good guy won't care what you look like after you take off your makeup, and will still think you're beautiful. I always got nervous about wearing a swim suit or whatever in front of my guy because of my cellulite, but you know what? They didn't see that, all they saw was a girl who they liked and thought was gorgeous as she was - it was just me getting caught up in things. So try to remind yourself that is isn't as bad as your mind makes it - and that it will get better.

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