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How do you know?


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Based on your previous two threads, no way in hell should you marry this child! He has some growing up to do and he needs a kick in the butt! Get his act together, get himself a job, get his lazy a$$ of the couch and make something of his life.

He sees you as his mom, not a partner and no way in hell would i be treated like that!

In your thread from yesterday you even called him this kid.....sorry but if you yourself think of your partner and man you want to marry, father of your children, as a kid, then no you shouldn't marry him.

In fact i would dump him cause i don't see him getting anywhere....and the relationship neither

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I think basically the resentment you feel towards him is going to eventually turn into hatred ...you screamed at him yesterday in DD when you could have simply said no ......but on the other hand he wasn't mindful of your time and the fact that you had little of it to spare because you where due at work .


The relationship has become old and stale , you cook and clean for him , he has no one else , he isn't settled in work , he doesn't want to hang out with your family , he is paranoid because you cheated in your teens ...


You are a hard working woman by the sounds of it , you know what you are doing and where you are going , you like a family unit and bit by bit the resentment is turning very bitter and angry ..you talk about him like he is a piece if crap because that is how his actions are making you feel ..you have lost respect for who he is because as you two have grown up together you have made something of yourself and he hasn't and isn't doing a lot about it , it seems .


When you start to feel so little of a person and start to lose respect it only gets worse .. You where basically kids when you met and now you are adults and you might have to accept that the young man you fell in love with hasn't matured into the type of man you want to spend the rest of your life with .


It is not nice for either of you ...you feel like his mother and housekeeper and he is getting the brunt of your anger and frustration ..I think you know the answer to your question darling .

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The answer is "you just do". When you love someone unconditionally, can envisage spending the rest of your natural life with them and there is nothing you wouldn't do for EACH OTHER (within reason) then you're pretty much there.


But the very fact you even have to ask the question tells me that you're nowhere near ready and if I'm right in thinking you were only yesterday barking at him because he had the audacity to call you and ask to buy some orange means that he's not ready either.


Don't do it.

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