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Ugly wall


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Hi everyone. I live in a basement apartment. It has an emergency window that is ugly. The window is great but you are looking at a wood wall from inside. My landlords said I can do anything I want to it. I'm thinking of painting it, adding some fake potted plants. I would love to paint a mural of some sort. It is small maybe 4 x 4. I also have a dog that likes to look out the window. I'm not a painter but thinking of using stencils. Any suggestions to my artsy friends?

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I think painting is a great idea.


I personally hate fake plants, but there are some pretty realistic looking ones. And your dog can chew them and not do damage to a living thing lol.


Maybe a seascape scene if you like the ocean? Or a garden setting scene?

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They make stained glass decals that you can apply to windows, like this:



We did it here to the carport door, and to an old window that we hung on the deck. It looks pretty and it lets the light in. And you can switch it out whenever you want, because it's not permanent. I think you can also find decals that don't cover the whole window, like birds or flowers or designs.

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I love fishes so Ill paint fishes on the wall. I personally have my window black. So my neighboors wont look inside. Lol. I always had that what if they look in here. Jeje. Buy wall paper and do your own art anything you like. ;D Good luck.

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