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Is it a sign from above or a sign I'm going crazy?


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So, I guess I'm just asking opinions on this but I've been with my boyfriend for about 8 months now &

we're very happy together, he does have some pretty serious trust issues but other than that we don't argue about much, but before me he was dating this girl for about 4 years continuously then dated another girl for about 6 months, went back to the original girlfriend, moved in with her, bought her a promise ring the whole nine yards, He never told me why they broke up. But a few months after they broke up the second time, we began dating. But anyways a few nights ago I had a dream that his ex girlfriend was in the bathroom crying and My boyfriends mom was comforting her. I've had two other dreams like this recently, in all three she is crying about their break up. Then later that night after the dream we go out to get in the car to get pizza and her car is parked right behind his.. And my boyfriends brother's girlfriend is sitting in the passenger seat with her, because they apparently had a love hate relationship while my boyfriend was with her. But she came over previously to see brothers girlfriend & was apparently begging my boyfriend to talk to her & he wouldn't, but it just happened to be the one day I went to my mothers house to spend the night so I never really found out what happened. Anyways when I seen her in the car I honestly didn't know if it was her or not. But I thought I recognized the car. But I wasn't certain so I didn't say anything, but I kept thinking about it & it really bothered me. The same day I have that dream I see her.. Weird. The next day his brothers girlfriend apologizes to me for her being here & says she was having a hard time & just wanted to talk, but they aren't really close... & another one of his brothers girlfriends came over a few days earlier, who I know his ex is close with & was peeking around in our room.. So I don't know what to think.. Am I just overthinking this situation or is it a sign from above?

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if she is friends with people you know you may see her around from time to time. How is your relationship with him in real life? That's all that matters, not products of your mind.

The next day his brothers girlfriend apologizes to me for her being here & says she was having a hard time & just wanted to talk
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What I've noticed in your post is that he never told you why they broke up. Have you asked him?

This wasn't a short term relationship..I've had a few of those..relationships that lasted for 2-3 months and, indeed, I couldn't say why we broke up except that we found out we were incompatible.

This was years out of his life. Sometimes people don't want to talk about a past relationship because it still hurts them and feelings are still there. I would first find out what happened between them and then worry about the rest.

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