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Love is it enough

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I love my husband of 1 year but I don't know if it is enough to stay together. I have recently been thinking about another man who I don't even know that well but I see him once a week and talk a little in passing at work. The fact I am thinking of this other man makes me question my loyalty to my husband, my husband and I have a very strange relationship when we love we love but when we hate we hate! We hardly ever have sex, which is why i believe I'm thinking about this other man, I have a high sex drive and watch porn by myself while husband is at work. He has a low sex drive and his mood, tiredness and anything else will affect if he wants it or not! I just need some advice and help!!!

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So having sex with another man will improve your marriage how?


If you are incompatible then why did you marry?


I agree marriage counseling is in order and if he will not go with you go alone so you can sort out if you want to continue in this marriage. I don't like divorce and think it is done to often before all avenues have been explored but 1 year in and this is going is not a good sign.


Talk to him and let him know you are making an appointment with a marriage counselor to help you both improve your marriage. See what he says.


DO NOT CHEAT, FLIRT or become "FRIENDS" with this other man. Fix your marriage or end it.



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Love of and by itself is never enough to sustain a relationship. You need so much more than that.


Having said that, there is never anything that can justify an affair. If you really want to be with other men, have the decency to end the relationship first.

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