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Aha i was under the impression you were already on the slow release, so my story was based on that.

I started on the same as yours and quickly went on to the slow release ones. I like those better because they keep the meds in the blood leveled.

The other ones don't do you get highs and lows in the blood.

But at least you're on 600 finally! Lol

and I'm glad he wants to see you again and follows up on it.

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Im sorry!

But.....you know what i think? The pills you have now aren't the long lasting ones right? Which means you get three shots at breakfast lunch and supper of the quick working ones.

They work quicker but are also quick to fade, and they give quick peaks in your blood and leave quick. Follow me? The long lasting ones keep the meds level in your blood the same. You need those!

Because now you get three quick doses but from supper all the way to breakfast you get nothing and that's too long!

Trust me I've experienced the same and i told my neurologist i wanted two quick doses at breakfast and lunch and a long lasting one at dinner. He agreed and that is when in October i finally got pain free, remember how elated i was that the pain completely disappeared? And that lasted until February this year after the radiation.

4 months pain free.

But anyway, that dosage worked for me, but it's playing with it until you find what works for you.

But i can guarantee you that the time from supper till breakfast is too long! I had that too and then you start the day with pain and the meds have to work after the pain each time, when if you start the day with no pain, you're on top of the pain and the meds stay ahead.

Make sense? Haha i tend to ramble a bit and in my mind it is clear but I'm not sure I'm conveying it well.....

But i think that's the problem!


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Good that I'm still making sense sometimes lol

But yes it can be that precise...

I got my next batch of gabapentin from the pharmacy this week and saw that this was the brand i got the first time, the time after i got another brand, so now i stopped with the second brand and went back to the first and I'm almost pain free now! The second brand doesn't do it for me and i now have to remember to let my neurologist know when he orders them....

So weird but even brands can work differently!

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Well it wasn't so much the neurologist that gave me those but rather that he prescribed me new ones since i was almost out and the pharmacy give me what they want since they think brands don't matter, and i guess this time these were nearby or whatever, because it's both generic brands so there shouldn't be a difference but clearly there is.

So next time i need pills i have to tell the neurologist to specifically name this brand to the pharmacy.

Had to do that with the tegretol as well, it's now in my file that i need tegretol and no more generic brand of that one anymore.

It's a struggle! And such little things matter.

The insurance companies over here rule and they press the pharmacy to give the cheapest brand of every meds first unless it is then proven that it doesn't work and then the doctors have to include that in their prescription.


I once got the cheapest variety of birth control pills and they made me so aggressive, but it took a while to figure out it was because of that!

But in this case there was even a difference between two cheap brands.


I'm not pain free but so much better than last week! Just a little bit remains. Annoying but can live with it

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So the doctor put me on the extended tabs . And he said if it gets bad again just up myself to 800 . He also said to wrap my mind around being on this for life if need be. And that he would see me in the Fall. And he gave me a prescription for six months. He also gave me the advice to take folic acid because these medications destroy your bones .


And I was so absent-minded I left my purse behind in the drugstore !! I have never left my purse behind anywhere .

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Ha good that you have the extended now! And the chance to raise yourself, but of course the thought of doing this for life sucks! That's just crap! Hopefully that's not the case and it goes into remission again. Count down the days and weeks right!


I left the gas on last week without a pan on it thank god, but all afternoon! Lol

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Oh man we're pain buddies right now!

Hope it passes soon. I think in your case 1 or 2 days, hopefully....

It sucks so bad! It's such a bad pain, it sucks that you always have to think about it when you eat or plan your meals. Or plan your days out or holidays, what if right then I'm in pain?

It sucks!

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Oh man we're pain buddies right now!

Hope it passes soon. I think in your case 1 or 2 days, hopefully....

It sucks so bad! It's such a bad pain, it sucks that you always have to think about it when you eat or plan your meals. Or plan your days out or holidays, what if right then I'm in pain?

It sucks!


Every time I switch it is pain. Also apparently there's no way I can eat on that side . No matter how much medication I take if I eat on that side it's a no go .

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Maybe once you get used to this dosage, or up it again, if my meds are really working i feel zero, zip and can eat and do all i want on that side! Ah distant memories......but once the pain is under control you cannot imagine how it felt and when the pain hits again you cannot imagine how it felt to be painfree.....

Is the brand you have now the same as the other ones? Because the brand can be important too!

Brushing teeth is hell, for you too? The moment the brush touches the teeth i want to bang my head against the wall

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It's interesting how different the same disease can be....everyone had their own triggers.

When it's at its worse for me i can do anything with my face, yawning, talking, smiling, swallowing, eating, sneezing, every movement of my face, however small, sets off electric shocks in my jaw that lasts for about 5 minutes.

I was once at work talking to the big boss of my company when an attack happened, i couldn't talk anymore, was crying in front of him.

Gah bad memories....those electric shocks....if i kept having them and nothing would work anymore it would be the end for me!

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