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Wedding ring from ex-wife given to me from husband!! :-((((

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"He has no money issues,"

- Not by accident.


"I told him all the evidence"

- Including the email? If not, what exactly did the email say?



P.S, When busted, the anger/denial response is common. (And this seems especially true with cheapskates)


This is how you're choosing to live your life, married, resentful, hurt, and angry.


Accept that your H has too much pride to bare himself to you like that and drop the issue.





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99% of the time when I see a "wedding ring" post (whether its too small, or used, or fake, or whatever), I think they are making too big a deal out of it.


But this one? Yeah I can't disagree with you, that's really tacky. I can see why he lied about it too, that's super embarrassing.


I haven't read all the other posts, but I'd stop wearing the ring and tell him you won't wear anything until he buys you a different one.

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