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i love my ex but like my new bf....what to do?!

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okay, this is long and complicated, so i will do this timeline style:

-hooked up with aaron

-dating for 3 months

-liked his best friend, kissed him on a dare

-broke up with aaron

-1 month later got back with him

-met andy(with aaron for about 3 months)

-fell for andy

-aaron figures out that i have a thing for andy, dumps me(together 3 1/2 months)

-andy asks me out next day, i say yes

-aaron says later the same day that he made a rash decision, wants me to take him back

-i exlpain the sitch, and chose andy over aaron

-aaron asks out my and his best friend sara, she tells me that she will say no to him.....and she says yes

-i hate them both, even though i still have feelings for aaron

-i talk with andy, tell him i'm upset (not why, of course)and he tells me he really cares about me and that i can call him 24/7 with problems

-realize that andy is nice and i should give him a chance

-sara breaks up with aaron cos of personal probs, i make up with her and aaron

-sara says that aaron still has major feelings for me cos he talks about me all the time

- i talk casually with aaron on xmas day, sidestep topic.....he says i can "call anytime"

and that's up to the day, currently. visit my site for a more detailed docuamentation.

so...the question is: do i try with aaron or go with andy? i could describe my realationship with aaron as love, and i still have feelings for aaron, but i want to take a chance on andy. what scres me is that if i go out with aaron, i might be with him forever, and i would miss out on dating other guys, having a bad date, or even dating. aaron never exacty took me out just the two of us in out 7 and a half months together total. but i am SOOO STRESSED OVER THIS!! i would really appreciate some guidance!



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Your only 14. If your this stuck between two guys, take none. Spend time with both of them if you want to. But if you pick one over the other, you lose your chance with the other because he will feel left out. No one ever said being with someone at 14 was a must. Seriously, do you really think your going to be with either of them for more than 4 months. I know what your thinking, that kid talking to me is 15, but I have been down that road. Maybe not stuck between 2 guys, but two girls. I chose none. And now I am really close friends with both of them. 2 good friends is better than 1 guy to kiss once and a while.

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baby chika, im agreeing with minnesota dude here. if u chose none, u get 2 good friends and have the opportunity to date other guys. and yur only 14, HS relationshipd NEVER work out. they are nice but once yur out of HS they are hell, and then they GO to hell. end of story. relax, your main goal is to get thru this w/out major heart-dent-age. right? safe road, dont date any of them. but w/e u choose to do, u know yur firends (like moi!!) will be chill w/ it. take a deep breath and leave them to their own lives and start anew with yours. its good to do that every once in a while. hope usa figure this one out!!!

Love from your good friend/lover/relative,

*~Suzi Laverty~*

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