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I think I realized I dated a selfish childish guy

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I broke NC but it was to write a letter to him stating how he treats me when we all like hang out like with our friend in the group. I told him to stop looking at me because I respect his wishes so he needs stop it.. I said still have issues towards me and that still hurts...


I said can he respect my wish.. to do something for me can he take the lovely dated photos of us and photos that we were together that he can off Facebook. There's no point showing the world that we were together because we never going to be because you made that perfect cleared. Also he has girlfriend lol


I want move on and you giving me hope there shouldn't be. . So on


I ask him to block me after he reads this letter.


the only thing he did was block me i was so happy and i look at mates but he kept all the photos of us and albums still up and love ish photos


I respect his wishes and doesn't respect mine.

Omg he not worth it any more. I dated a child who won't just let as stay in the pass, just be a memory that we once had...

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Sorry but he blocked you because he has a new girlfriend and has moved on and you are still living in the past struggling with his loss.


You shouldnt have done that but I do think its a shame and hurtful of him to ignore your request to take the photos down but Men do what they want, not what you want. Your relationship is over now and he can post photos or leave photos on his FB if he wants.


The opposite of love is indifference. Stay away from the circle of friends until you can handle him 'looking' at you. You need to stop using your mates FB to check on him becuase it will take far longer to get over him.


Don't contact him again. It is not worth the emotional mess you find yourself in now.

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I ask him to block me because I don't want him showing up on my Facebook so I won't check it.... I stated I want to move on. .


Every time I see this guy he does something. .. when we first broke up and we all hang out he follow me around and when I talk to him he shuts me down


Then hang out with him again. I ignored him but I said hi and made very small talk and he turns around and trying to get my attention by criticizing or making fun of me... I keep NC up for months and he rang me in the middle of the night of his mate phone . .. he did other stuff. I ask him stop it and he did.


Yes I shouldn't done that but I don't want him keep playing with my head.


I'm not going check. . Me sending this was standing up for my self... I don't want hope and there's no point holding on to us if there's no us.. I'm letting go and he should be..


How do you feel when someone is watching you....what ever you do, its creepy. Someone looking at you like a said look on there face or a blank look...... he getting angry at stuff and his moods were changing. I kept my distance try treat him like a mate and through it back into my face by trying proved me wrong. And treating a mate of mine like because we best friends now.


I am going let go and have you thought the reason I sent this so he will stay away from me even more.

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