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Scared or not interested?


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I told him I would have to think about it. I waited about a half a day while still texting constantly (bless him he is soooo awkward in person and on the phone) and told him I would very much like to get together. Which is when the tirade happened.


So when you said you weren't originally into the idea of going on a date with him then changed your mind after he persisted, you were talking all in the same day?! Maybe he was confused by your quick turn around or thought you were playing some kind of game when you said you would have to think about it? Though he seemed to have as quick a turnaround too. He sounds like an odd-ball to be honest. If he was interested it wouldn't be this difficult or so drama filled already.


I also agree that to loathe his wife is a bit extreme and suggests that there are many loose ends as far as his emotions are concerned. I know he has every right to be worried and even angry at her choice in boyfriend when it comes to the safety of his chid but to "loathe" her? That suggests a whole lot more. There is a very thin line between love and hate. Honestly? I would cut and run!

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He never lied. I never asked and he never told. And I mean yes we flirted and all but it was never anything that either of us should be ashamed of. Plus he did turn down invitations to hang out. But since that omission we talk all the time as there is no pressure. Though I had no idea he started there two months before me and he might have just been trying to be friends and I misread all the signals.


Although this doesn't have anything to do with your current issue, a man who flirts with another woman (to the point where she thinks that something is building between them) when he has a girlfriend a baby does have a lot to be ashamed of and isn't worth getting involved with (should you ever happen to find yourself in a similar position again). That said, perhaps there is a pattern when it comes to the men you are aiming to attract (emotionally unavailable) or perhaps you are, as you said, misreading the signs.

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