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this feeling and confused on emotions


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So I invited a girl I use to have sparks for over last night.she slept over but we did nothing sexual. I didn't feel anything for her. It just didn't feel the same. Btwrour back ground "we flirted alot, made out a few times and I was really into her then she went cold turkey on me. Never gave a reason just stopped talking to me" fast forward two years of nc she tells her roommate that she has a crush on me and likes me. I could see it in her eyes and the way she was acting that she liked me. But I have no romantic feelings for her what so ever.that died out. It shows that people do tend to come back when you least care. But on the other hand I went to the bar the night before last with 5 of my friend and guess who was there...my ex. She haven't seen me for ages. I look was different then before lost 60 pounds got muscular and mentally strong. I completely ignored her because I didn't feel like it was the right time or place to talk. She would often walk pass me and I wasn't paying attention to her.my friends were the ones pointing it out. She tried many of times to get my attention even started talking to a guy while often looking at me. I didn't know nor care. My friends were telling me she looks creepy because she kept looking at me haha. Good thing I worked hard mentally, so yea I enjoyed my night and went to sleep But anyways yea I don't know why I don't like this person anymore (the girl I invited over), I use to want to date her but now I see no future or happiness with her, where is my emotions going now? I dont want to hurt her so I may just go nc so she can find someone that will love her for her. Ps she just got out ifman relationship about 6 months ago. Im going 9-1/2 months strong.

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