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Just want to share my experience with my exes & want to share how happy I am now

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OK I regret ever going out with my first ex, but that was because I had low-self esteem and always thought I was ugly. Only did I realize that I was quite attractive, and started to get hit on by guys. I just did not have a guts to end it with him even when I found out how arrogant, annoying, and how unattractive he was... We had really long arguments, and also apologies on facebook which isnt the healthiest for a relationship. Our relationship wasn't entirely the most interesting and fun dating experience I had. After reading some of the stuff he wrote to me, bleh I felt like vomiting; gross too lovely dovey.... I finally had the courage to end it with him after 6 months but on facebook because I did not like confrontation. I always had low-self esteem, shy, and not confident. 3 years later, I am more talkative, open, and my self-esteem has boosted a lot.


I started online dating and started to put myself out there, though I did not have much chemistry with him, he was a lot more interesting and fun (able to go out/eat), but he just kept popping the question if I want to have kids which is kind of scary to think about after few months of knowing him. When that didn't work out, I went out clubbing more and met more interesting people and thats what boosted up my confidence. Last year I met a guy from friends on a video chat who never really asked me to be his girlfriend but told people I was his girl, odd. He turned out to be really materialistic, his family is mean to me, and he barely makes time for me; wants s3x and leaves cuz hes busy... I didn't fall out of love, but he wasn't someone I was looking for in a long term relationship especially after my friend's mom was so nice to me make me wonder about how his family would treat me and plus he was too busy. My friend once said, no matter how hard you try to please his family, or maybe they end up liking you in the end, but if you make one mistake, they will hate you again. Its going to be a love-hate relationship. Then I realized its not going to work and I decided to go back out and meet new people and I finally dump my last ex which turned out, the guy I met at the club is the love of my life.


We struck a good conversation and had great chemistry, his family is super nice and welcoming, he showers me gifts, but most importantly love. he respects me and doesn't force me to do something I don't want to do, and he gives me the time and day. Though we fight like crazy, we make up at the end of the day. He's the person I don't want to lose. Sometimes I kinda want to end it when we fight and he gives me attitude or shoves stuff in my face and its hard to control it when we get angry at each other, but I think the good beats the bad. I just wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year ^_^

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