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Is he interested??


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I go to this meat market once a month and buy steaks. I'm 22 and a female. I'm thin and have dark brown hair. I see the same people every time I'm there. It's only women I interact with, no males work up front. There are guys that work in the back I imagine cutting up meat. Whenever I'm there this young guy about my age will look out the window (there's a window on the door) and smile and check me out. Then when I was talking to the lady in the front about what meat is best for beef and noodles he came out from the back and joined in the conversation (which he didn't have to) and I just get this vibe that he likes me. I'm shy and don't make eye contact ever with anyone so I need help conveying i'm interested, is he into me? i brought my 6 month old son with me recently and he came out from the back and started talking to him.

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