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Ok, so I have a situation and just wondering if this has happened to anybody else.


So there was this girl I have known for a few months that joined my group of friends/community group around that time. I have known she was interested for quite a while but the group of friends is decently large and while I made an effort to get to know her she did not open up and I never really warmed up to the idea because of it.


However, in the last few weeks she started opening up and I found myself very attracted to her and ended up asking her out recently - I had previously decided to definitely never ask a girl from my group out unless I was sure I was really sure I was into whoever it was. I was very nervous beforehand because while I have had dates nothing has ever really worked out for me. Most dates I have had are setups that never really worked out. Many times I don't get interest back from whoever I am interested in, so I was stoke that finally something might work out. For that reason I was very nervous but looking forward to it. We had already had a couple situations where we had done a lot of talking so we knew a bunch about each other. Anyways we go out and talk but I kind of felt that the date fell flat and I have no idea why it is not like anything changed. I mean its not like it was a bad time but all of a sudden I felt nothing. I don't really understand as I think she is very pretty and has a good personality. I just don't really know what to say. The other thing that sucks is now we are a topic of conversation for our group and I'm worried that she might be really into me and I am not anymore.


I suggested a second date after the first because I don't know how my feelings could just vanish into a puff of smoke. I don't really know if I have a question that needs answering but am just super confused. I've never been successful with women with I think is weird because I think I've got a decent personality and am at least decent looking with a good job among other things. Don't get me wrong I don't think I am perfect or a stud I just don't understand why nothing has every worked out. Know I am trying to figure out what to do for a second date but I feel like I am under the microscope from my friends and also my family is always on me to be dating and I guess I just feel under pressure. I guess when it comes down to it does anybody have an idea for a second date where it could possibly turn into something romantic but not be super awkward if it isn't? And in addition has anybody ever had something similar happen? Any general advice?


Thanks for the help. This American guy appreciates it. If nothing else I got to do a mini rant. Thanks.

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