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lost dont know what to do


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Sorry to hear that reader


i got some good news. Aldi emailed me for an open interview/seminar next week. There giving a talk about the company, the job etc and then a brief interview after.


I'm excited but extremely nervous. This is what i have been waiting for and cant mess this up! Its a trainee assistant management position! They literally train you from the ground up..


but they did mention that they will ask about previous people management experience and working to KPI's etc. I don't have much of either and i'm scared tbh. I know i'm well able for this job, i believe in myself but how can i convince them i'm right for it?


I'm likely up against people who have 20 years experience etc.. help me!!! ;(


I'm thinking of saying something like "whilst I am fully confident in my own ability, I am a fast learner and take my work seriously, I do understand that I still have a lot to learn and I am willing to work everyday, relocate, give up an outside life etc to succeed. I will do whatever is necessary. The reason I am passionate about this company is because I know that you train your talent really well and offer future career prospects. I feel I would be an ideal candidate as I am hungry to learn, grow and succeed and will give it my all"


what you guys think?

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