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So i had a weird breakup with a girl 6 months ago. She tried to get back together with me after 2 months but i was with someone and after that she suddenly had a bf and couldnt talk to me.


Fast forward to today even though she apparently deleted my number(she had a pet i liked that had surgery so after a month i asked about him and she acted like she had no idea who i was) i get a text from her telling me its her and how is my life going? I was busy and driving around plus i didnt really want to talk to her so i didnt respond.


About an hour later i get another text from her saying that shes sure im wondering why she texted me and that she was still with that guy and just wanted to say hello and she hopes things are going well and that i had a good thanksgiving.


Any idea why she would text me out of the blue other than to try to rekindle? The 2nd text sounds like she is trying to save face or something?


Im in a relationship now and i do love her although weve had some rocky times recently. I dont want to get back together with the ex, its just sorta strange for her to text me. I havent texted her back and i dont think i will but i thought id ask on here what you guys think is happening here, its seems sorta odd to have a relationship thats so good you randomly contact your ex .....

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