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Where to go from here? please read!

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Yesturday i posted a topic call "is Forgiveness the right thing to do?" in this topic i told you about my Girlfriend who had cheated on me with her Ex and i forgave her because she said she was sorry and also due to the fact that i loved her very much and i would have done anything to keep her.


I have a conclusion to this problem because what happened last night she finished with me just like thats she said i had changed and she has left me with nothing but i broken heart this may sound sad but its true.


I didnt deserve this and i never asked for it it begs another question why do nice guys finish last??????


Also another question where do i go from here??????

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I hear you buddy,


I too would consider myself a nice guy, and we always seem to go for the girls that will hurt us. Altough i'm not in the exact same situation, i can sympathise (i've just found out -literally a few minutes ago) that my ex, whom i still have strong feelings for, has gotten back with the guy she went out with before me, and although i dont pretent to know him very well, i do know that he doesn't deserve her.


And I'm sure you're in the same situation as me in the sense that you did everything you could to make this girl happy, to make her feel loved, and in a perfect world this would be enough but its a sad reality that things don't always work according to plan. Society portrays the impression that all you're typical chick wants is a guy that will treat her well, who will not only love her but RESPECT her, but man, some women are fickle creatures, and more often than not the nice guy is the one that takes the punch.


You just need to pick up and move on with your life i think. I would like to think that there ARE nice girls out there, those who are sincere in their feelings for someone and wouldn't lead a guy on, or lie, or cheat. Not all girls are like that, this is my hope anyway... The biggest problem is that its the nice girls that don't always make themselves very visible to us guys at times, so its not always easy to know that they are there, but i'm sure they are!


It's a cliche but there are plenty of fish in that sea..just stay away from that skanky seaweed.


Good luck

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Hey Hodgie,


I am so sorry for you... although in the end, (I know it sounds harsh now!) I think she did you a favour. Unless someone who cheated on you really regrets it and fully commits to the relationship, there is a big chance it wouldn't have worked out anyway.


I know your feelings tell you different at this moment. Your heart has been ripped out now, and you need some time to heal. Once you have been cheated on, of course you are scared that another girl will do the same thing to you. Work on insecurities that you might experience before you go into the next relationship.


You might never stop loving her, but try to love yourself more than you love her. She hurt you, left you, and it's time to look at your own life. You say you're 'a nice guy' and I believe you are, and that's why you deserve to be treated with love and respect.



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