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Im confused about the following situation.

I met this girl who is a friend of a girl with who i am friend with.

It happens from time to time that we go out or do fun stuff.

we have a good time etc etc...

But now i heared from her friend that she asked her if i was in love with her because im always kind to her.

She told her that i might not be in love because im always friendly. also to her(the friend).

the thing is, since we do things toghether i start liking her but in the back of my mind i know we cant have a relation. she has a very different way of thinking and living.

But today her friend asked me if i knew or if she told me that she started online dating lately. and that she met a guy she liked and had a good time.

My question is now what should i do?

Should i stop hooking up with her. So she can go on with her online dating and prevent myself from being hurt while its not too late.

or should i still hang out with her and possible get hurt at the end.

The fact is why would she spend time with me while she could spend it to that other guy who she likes. and why didnt she tell me that she is dating.

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Why would you get hurt? You already know you two have your differences.

She is going with online dating interest.. make sure you have that bit of space & respect is all. UNLESS you think you're getting feelings? Then yes, back right off.


I'd plan to just stick with being a 'friend'.. don't get those mixed feelings.


Why didnt she tell you abt other guy??? Should she? If she's just seeing you as a 'friend' then maybe she doesn't feel she needs to?

Girls don't tell all guys 'everything'.

So- up to you whether you feel you should back off or not. I dont think it's affecting what's going on at her end?


Could be just YOU. (? dunno)

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In this case i must back off or i will end up like a fool.

But on the other hand her feelings were right. I do like/ love her in a certain way.

She must have felt this because, why would she ask her friend?

But if she felt this why didnt she take our meeting/dates to a lower level.

Last time i went to sport alone and she said like. if i knew this i would have liked to go with you.

my thing is, if i new someone who loves me and im not interested i wouldnt hook up that mutch with that person. and i would let him know that i do dates. even if it was just to let him/her know that im not into him/her. just to let him her know where he stands.

Sometimes i think she has feelings too but it might be an illusion.

i guess my task is to take things to a lower level

less meetings/dates with her.

because i feel like a backup right now

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