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What is she trying to say?

Josh G.

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Ok, me and my gf, have been going out for a couple weeks, I havnt kissed her yet (which is going to change soon, Im just going to ask her and do it) but last night, we were having an online conversation, a normal one, and everytime she could I guess, she made comments that had a sexual idea to them, like her bedroom window is unlocked, if I come in through that way, and if we were quiet, her parents wouldnt know anything, or she said that she was cold, but I could come over and warm her up "wink wink". I would normally just think of this as just joking, but she said Alot of stuff like this, I am pretty sure she is a virgin, I have not asked her that, we havnt got that personal yet, but I think she is trying to hint things off to me, but Im not sure, maybe im just misinterpreting things. I have no problem with this, but how do I let her know, that I respect her, and would never want her to feel pressured into doing anything for me and I can wait until she is fully ready. Now, if I am right, I think she would feel fully ready, if she is really that anxious to do it, by all the comments, but I would like her to really think about it, and make sure she is ready.


So I guess my questions are: Am I right to make assumptions like this if she makes Alot of jokes about it, and if she is, how do I let her know how I feel ( I will do it, but I want her to be ready), Thanks in advance.

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She kind of seems like the type that wouldn't mind if you just went on and kissed her without asking. I know that I would NOT want my boyfriend to ask me, it would be too awkward. So I suggest not doing that. About the sexual comments, she probably just has a sexual-sarcastic humor. Sometimes people will talk like that and not really be ready to actually HAVE SEX, you know? I doubt she's hinting. And I agree, it does seem kind of early in the relationship to be having sex.

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The first thing that came to my mind was that she is flirting. She obviously really likes you and is letting you know.


But remember that is has only been two weeks. So, my guess is that these "hints" just mean she is into to you and though she won't tell you, and it's weird of you if you'd ask, she wants to kiss you and cuddle, and all that sappy stuff we all know and love.


What you should do is create a situation (but don't put too much thought into it) where you two are alone. Cuddle, talk softly, etc., and then just kiss her. The thing is, if you ask her then she will think you are insecure, which can be annoying.


I would wait a few weeks longer to ask tell her how you don't want to do anythign she's not ready for. Because by bringing it up, she'll think you want to, which may put pressure on her anyway.


From now on: Don't try to anylize EVERY detail.

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#1-Don't ask if a kiss is ok, she will get freaked out and run. If it feels right, just do it.


#2-She is probably just flirting and trying to hint to you that she wants to be closer, i.e. kissing.


#3-Sex is something to wait on here. If you haven't kissed yet, then take that as a sign that you should keep the pace slow.

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I think your girlfriend might be feeling a bit insecure because you haven't kissed her yet. She knows you like her so why haven't you tried to kiss her?


She might not know how to bring this up so she goes about it by hinting other stuff to you.. maybe hoping you will feel like "it's ok" to go ahead and make a move. Soooo... I guess it's time to kiss her Josh.

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Well thanks for the replies, Im not really sure about the kissing thing still though, Ive heard alot, that girls find it respectful about the asking for a kiss thing, and I havnt heard to much that they dont like it when you ask them. Or do they just find it respectful when your not a couple, and If you are a couple, then you dont ask? Ok, If we are going out, what is the worst she would do If i kissed her, shes not going to freak out or anything, right? Should I just do it when were are sayin goodbye, in the morning, or afternoon? And I should just give her like a 3 second peck on the lips? ( I know, Im lame, but I have no experience at this stuff at all, because I used to be very shy, to a point where I was almost antisocial, so Im just learning right now) Thanks in advance.

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heyhey.. i think the kissing thing is pretty simple.. like u said when? maybe like if ur out on a date or sumthing.. sometime when u guys can kind of cuddle up. You won't really freak her out. If you guys actually are in a relationship, then she should know that it has to come some time! So just do it! plus, if she's saying all that, it means that she wants to move it up a notch. Try kissing her on the lips first to see how she reacts, then kind of follow how she is reacting. thats all i have to say.. sorry about the misspelled words..

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