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  1. ED is eating disorder right? Hi! Do you have other friends? If you do then you should start investing more time into those friendships. This one is not everything you want or need. It sounds to me like you have a lot of expectations and I agree about she should be happy in your accomplishment, but you have time and attention expectations that she does not fulfill. More fríends would mean more attention and more diversity. I’m guessing you’re still in high school if not younger? You will have many many friendships in your life cultivate the good ones and let the others fall by the waysid
  2. Hi there! I am sorry you are in this situation. Family can be such a drain sometimes and it sounds like there has been a lot of toxicity there for a long time. Plain and simple you are the sister that left and made a better life for herself. Are you willing to step in now and take care of your dad or your mom? I mean physically move them closer to you and away from your sister? It would probably be the only way that you could change any of what is going on. As it stands now she is the one that stayed behind and watches out for them. Whether or not you agree with her or them, you don’t live
  3. Hi there! I’m sorry about your break up. I have to agree, you absolutely deserve better. You are in a better place in life than he is right now. He has a lot of stuff to work out. He may get there eventually, but he needs to do this work on himself on his own. I am glad you cut all contact with him. It hurts, but it makes it easier on you moving forward.
  4. Hi! I know you are asking us what to do, but what do you want? Could you take her back and trust her? Think on this very much. It will determine how you live the rest of your life with her if you do take her back. Do you want to?
  5. Hi there! I’m sorry you are going through this. Depression is a monster and it can convince you of things that are not true ...the best you can do for your bf is that he knows you are there for him. Let him have his time to work on himself and I am so glad he is getting help. Encourage him in that when you speak next. I’m so sorry, loving someone with mental health issues is draining. Please look after yourself too. Do things that bring you joy. Spend time with those you are in isolation with...I hope you’re not alone. But if you are we are here for you ♥️
  6. Hi there! Dating might not be the best thing right now. Isolation can mess with your mind, know what I mean? No? It’s ok lol How about playing some games together? Challenging each other over games like words with friends, chess etc. on your phone. I have a friend I do that with and we message each other in the game as we play. Save the real dating for once you can be face to face in person. Stay safe!
  7. Hi there! It seems to me like he is immature, or he doesn’t know how to be a boyfriend, or is not really into you, or all of the above. You can and should give HIM the silent treatment now. In this time you have dated, and it’s a long time 3 years, how has he shown you he loves you??
  8. Hello there! First I want to say I’m so sorry about your mom. I hope you are doing ok. One day at a time. Second I hope that you are still dating and meeting men closer to home. A LD friend is good and safe, but not that practical. I know, I’ve had one for years, I know how sweet it is and also can get you in trouble. It sounds like your friend wants to stay in your life, but he wants you to come to him. That’s alright, but you gotta live your own life....No matter what he says, and you are right friendship is a two way street. He needs to do his part if he wants you in his life. Do your thin
  9. Hello there and welcome! I agree with the other poster. It sounds like three years was a long time and maybe enough to get to know each other, if only it had not been a LDR. That really would have made everything seem perfect because we tend to overlook any issues, it’s so romantic after all. Unfortunately, you may have not really known each other very well. If you really want to save this marriage a lot of the work is going to fall on you. You will have to be the one that gives more sacrifice and changes to keep this marriage. Are you willing to do that? Is he a wonderful man that is devote
  10. The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis. I'm finding it's going a little over my head, but I can't stop. Anyone read it before?
  11. I just cannot seem to finish The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success --Deepak Chopra. Need to start reading and stop going out
  12. The Seven Spritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra it sounds easy enough. We will see. Mun
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about this, he was a sweet kid. We will see him one day though, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing Avman.
  14. Yes, that's how it goes: after awhile you just get tired of bringing stuff up and are ready to move on to new things. It sounds to me like you have come a long way even though you still have those memories. One day...
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