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i like this really hot girl who i am friends with. we are both bi and both know that. She has a boyfriend but keeps saying that he wont know what she gets up to with poeple coz he goes 2 a different school.

She is very affectionate to people, and even though i was really friendly with her then lost contact and regained it now. she is always hugging me and playing with me (pretend fights) she constantly touches me (hey im not complaing, i like her!!.)

shes a kissing-virgin and jokinly i told her that has 2 practice on a girl, she told me that she wants to kiss me. i told her that i would like 2 too and she said "well lets c what will hapen".

I know she has a boyfriend but im getting very mixed signals from her, does she fancy me or is she playing with me?

Im not looking for a relationship with her really, i just want to know what is goin on!! hehehe

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I just want to say, from all i have heard, 99% of 14 year olds don't really know that they are bi, they just think they might be, or are interested. Don't come to the conclustion your definatly a bisexual just yet, i think most people will agree with me


As for this girl, she is probably just mixed up and doesn't know what she wants. GL

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Jimbo, I think that your opinion of other peoples' sexuality is very judgmental!! I think that when you tell someone that they are confused about their sexuality, unsure, or clueless about it you are invalidating their feelings and their sexuality and I am offended.


giftfromthegods, that's cool that you are already so sure of your sexuality. I'm just now figuring mine out and I'm 26 yrs old. I wish I had been more in tuned a little sooner!


It's hard to tell if she likes you. It sounds like it, but you need to get her in a one-on-one situation and just ask her. That is the best way. It sure beats playing mind games and keeps you from wondering and analyzing everything or overanalyzing everything.

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Yeah, I think that you should talk to her about this, because that's really the only sure way to understand what her intentions are. Plus, you need to think about the fact that she has a boyfriend a little more. He'd probably feel really hurt if he found out that his girlfriend was sneaking aroung behing his back, and she'd also be betraying his trust. Maybe you should ask her where she's going with this, and if she wants to be in a relationship with her boyfriend or you. Also, you should probably make it clear that you'll still be her friend either way. Good Luck!

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