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Kind of original situation here. Need help with this girl.


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Im a sophomore in highschool, and so is this girl. She is the coolest, most fun girl that I have ever met, and I really like her. I find myself thinking about her most of the time, and everytime I am with her, I have a lot of fun. We even went to homecoming together, with a group of her friends. I could have sworn that she liked me as much as I liked her, until I asked her out. When I asked her out, she said that her parents would never let her have a boyfriend right then.(this is probably true, her parents are VERY over protective), although I think that she might not have told me the whole story. I don't know if she feels the same way about me, as far as being her boyfriend. But see, the problem is, I am getting mixed signals from everywhere. When I am with her, sometimes she acts like she likes me (i.e., sits by me, hangs back to talk to me, etc.), and my friend told me that when ever he talked to her about me, her eyes sort of glazed over, and I think she does that when she talks to me, but I could just be fooling myself . Her friends also act like she likes me, suchas, whenever we are all out together, or see each other in the mall or something, they always tell me to walk with them, or sit with them. One of our mutual friends said that if her parents would let her, she would probably date me, but she might have just said that to make me feel better.


I don't know what's going on, and any help would be appreciated !

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I dont think you can be sure if she actually like you are not. The signals that you mentioned with her and your friends are anything out of the ordinary that she likes you more than a friend. Instead of being concerned whether she likes you or not, what I want you to do is keep being friendly with her and just have a good time. Dont get caught up with how much you like her of if she likes you, have fun with her and if you begin to see that she isnt interested then you simply move on. She has to give you some indication that she is interested otherwise your efforts are in vain. If there are other girls you are interested in then dont be affraid to be more friendly with them also remember that you are single and keep your options open.

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I guess I must go more in depth.


When she sits by me, sometimes she will walk from where her friends are sitting, and sit way oer by me. A friend told me this means she likes me, but I don't know.


Also, when we are walking with friends, she will sometimes hang a long way back and talk with me alone. I don't know what this means.

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