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need new ideas on seducing my boyfriend!

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I always find it difficult making the first move and making it known to my boyfriend that i want sex.

I think it's because i have a higher drive i always want it but i hate being rejected if he's not in the mood and feel embarrassed when i want it as i feel tarty in making it known to him.

But the thing is he says he likes me making the first move.

Has anyone any ideas on ways to go about making the first move, what men like, how men like to be seduced etc etc

Thanks guys!

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Just mix it up...so don't be too predictable.


On one day, you can make a lovely dinner, wear a really short dress, and skip the underwear - make sure he has a good viewing spot


Another, just take a quickie approach, and rip his clothes off (for a guy, that is seducing...you are being spontaneous and wild).


Or, write him an email/story before you see him, telling him what you are going to do with him, what you want him to do to you....and then when you see each other..play it out...trust me, it will get his libido rising in anticipation.


Offer to give him the massage, add in some soft kisses, little nips.....and take it from there.


I have never had a guy say he is not in the mood once you get him started.... It can be very attractive to the guy to be seduced, instead of them always doing it. Have fun with it, be sexual, embrace being a woman!

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Seduction is about control, if you never have control over the situation then you cannot seduce him. You wont to be able to seduce him if you dont have control over the situation. Another part of seduction is wanting what you cannot have aka teasing as you can see this goes along with being in control. You want to get his mind thinking about your next move. Keep him in suspense and you will succeed in seducing him.

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